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Training & Education

Salon Education

At Showpony Professional, we believe that education and training is a pivotal part of making Hair extensions successful within your business. That is why, in addition to manufacturing and distributing an extensive range of exceptional quality Hair Extensions, we offer a suite of training workshops encompassing the application, styling, and customer care techniques proven to support client retention, and increased salon profits. Our highly skilled industry professionals will demonstrate and guide each salon team in the basic application and cutting methods, through to advanced session styling techniques. Learn how to confidently use the entire Showpony product range, including Slimline Tapes, Wefts, Mini Microbeads or Clip In’s, as well as the circle of service surrounding client bookings, consultation, hair care advice and re-bookings. With ten years of research and design experience behind the Showpony brand, we understand that every hair extension client is different. A Showpony trained Extensionist can confidently communicate and deliver new possibilities for their clients; from achieving volume and length to creating bespoke highlights, fringes, accentuating a bob, fixing a bad haircut, or just an overall change to express personal style. Showpony education and training is the key to help salons grow their client base and annual turnover. If you and your salon team would like to book in for Showpony Education, please email