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Discover premium wholesale hair extensions from Showpony
When looking for the best quality hair extensions, it's essential to seek a reputable hair extensions supplier in Australia, and that's precisely what you'll find at Showpony. We're Australian-owned and operated, and we take great pride in supplying high quality hair extensions to your salon.
Must-have hair extensions for salons
Our premium range of wholesale hair extensions include the weft, mini micro beads, slimline tape, and skin weft tape hair extensions.

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are perfect for clients who want to achieve the "it's your hair but better" look. They are semi-permanent and easy to apply, making them ideal for clients who desire a beautiful, natural-looking makeover. They are also available in 14 natural colours that blend seamlessly with natural hair. With Showpony weft hair extensions at your salon, you can help your clients achieve the perfect look.

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Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Showpony mini micro bead hair extensions are the perfect in-salon solution to provide extra length and volume! Our mini micro beads have a silicone inner lining that is secure yet gentle on natural hair and blends seamlessly for a natural look. Our mini micro bead hair extensions are best suited for medium to thick hair and come in 14 colours — so you can find the perfect match for your client’s natural hair shade.

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Tape Hair Extensions

Showpony tape hair extensions are made from the finest cuticle Remy A+ human hair, making them some of the highest quality hair extensions on the market. Showpony tape hair extensions are non-bulky and sit flush against the scalp, ensuring they last longer and are undetectable on those with fine or thinning hair. Pre-taped for your convenience, our 4 cm pieces provide an easy application process for hairdressers. Whether your client wants a full or partial application, Showpony has the perfect product for your salon.

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As an authorised Showpony hair extensions supplier in Australia, you can access various exclusive partner benefits, including our full range of hair extensions, styling products, tools, accessories, and expert education programs. Our easy online ordering process allows you to stock up on everything you need, while our dedicated customer service team is always available to answer any questions. Plus, we offer point-of-sale promotional material and signage to help you promote your in-salon hair extension services.


Why you should choose Showpony as your preferred hair extension supplier in Australia

Ethically sourced hair extensions
Showpony hair extensions are ethically sourced and sustainable. Our products are of the highest quality from end-to-end, recognised and used throughout the industry as the highest standard. We are committed to ensuring our products and our business practices embody our ethical and moral principles. We strongly believe that no one should be forced to sell their precious locks against their volition — that’s why sustainability and ethical practices across the entire supply chain are our primary focuses.
Remy A+
Showpony only uses the finest cuticle Remy A+ human hair, meaning that the hair's cuticles remain intact and aligned when cut. This helps preserve the hair's natural direction, which can be essential for maintaining a seamless look resulting in hair extensions that are strong, glossy and long-lasting.

Our special chemical process involves the hair being gently lightened and then coloured to our exact specifications. This process, unique to Showpony, ensures the soft-to-the-touch hair retains its rich and tonal colour shades while remaining silky, luscious and fade-resistant.
Top-quality extensions
Our hair extensions are a blend of 20% European and 80% Indian human hair. We use Indian hair for strength and durability and European hair for its soft and silky texture. Showpony Hair Extensions are available in 14”, 20”, 24” and 26” lengths, and a variety of block, blended and ombre shades.
35+ years of experience
As any stylist knows, the quality of hair extensions can make all the difference in the finished look. With over 35 years of industry experience, Showpony is Australia’s leading wholesale bulk hair extensions provider. So if you're looking for the best, look no further than Showpony.
6-step quality assurance process
Innovation is the first step in our 6-step quality assurance process. At Showpony, we always strive to improve our current offerings, create new styles, and release innovative colours. We're forward-thinking and innovative, with a strong focus on developing new products and technologies to continuously deliver the best possible outcomes to salons and customers.

Develop your skills with Showpony's salon education resources

At Showpony, we believe in the transformational power of education. Because of this, we provide a series of professional hair extension education courses covering the application, cutting, and styling process, followed by customer service procedures to take your salon to the next level.

Our expert Educators can teach each member of your team the basics of styling and trimming to mastering the most complex, cutting-edge styles. Your stylists will gain the knowledge and confidence to use any of Showpony’s products and wholesale hair supplies, from slimline tapes and wefts to mini micro beads and clip-ins.

We can even customise a workshop program to meet your business development goals, whether you're a salon owner wanting to enhance the skills of your staff, or a freelance stylist searching for individual instruction.

Are you searching for a wholesale hair extension supplier in Australia? Look no further than Showpony! We take pride in being an industry leader in hair extension suppliers in Australia, and we’d love to partner with you to help grow your business too.

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