Showpony Quality Assurance

What are our 6 Steps to Quality Assurance? 

Step 1 – Innovation

At Showpony we are continually striving to improve our current products, create new and on trend products, and release the latest in fashion colours. This means we are regularly working on new product development. Before our products are manufactured, we create a strict brief of specifications to guide manufacturing that results in consistency that salons and consumers can rely on.

Step 2 – Manufacturing

With more than 35 years' experience, we have established relationships in hair extensions manufacturing from sourcing hair to producing our end products. Our manufacturing process is guided by strict product specifications.

Step 3 – External Quality Assurance

We employ a third party quality assurance & product inspection company to audit the process our products go through during manufacture. This includes specifications such as length, weight, colour, packaging, and so on. The process also includes checking on the ethical standards of the manufacturing of our products.

Step 4 – Internal Quality Assurance 

A sample of all products is quality checked for all specifications in both a wet and dry state to ensure they meet our quality standards. This includes length, weight, colour, ombre stretch, bond strength, tape adhesion, stitching, packaging, and more.

Step 5 – Approval 

Once the Internal Quality Assurance is complete, products that meet our strict quality check are released for sale and those that do not are rejected. Please note, our Showpony hair extensions are a human grown product and variances in colour level and reflect (of up to half a level and reflect) are considered to add to a more natural, multi-tonal effect and are within a reasonable range.

Step 6 – Quality Checks 

Once approved products are released for sale, we continue to collect feedback from our customers about their quality concerns and follow up with assessment of hair and testing where appropriate. The process does not end here, this can often lead us back to Step 1 - Innovation.

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