Why Partner with Showpony?


We’re progressive, using new approaches, ideas and practices to drive the industry forward. We’re mindful of our impact and the personal role we play in people’s lives. And we’re empowering, providing the support, knowledge and products that help our customers, employees and the industry to flourish. 


Our products offer our customers almost instant transformation of their hair, look, and how they feel about themselves.

We’re transforming the perception of hair extensions to a more positive and accessible hair and beauty product.

We’re transforming our industry through product and service innovation, ethics and sustainability.  


We support our salons and customers through education, training, resources and account service.

We offer generous guarantees and return policies to our customers, with a high customer service standard through multiple channels online and through salon partners.

We support our industry through event and sponsorship participation and partnerships. 


We endeavour to make all our touch-points, from our packaging to our  website, a simple and enjoyable experience.

Our universal colour coding system makes choosing the right product simple for our customers.

Our processes and policies are easy to follow to ensure a positive customer experience for salons and end-users.  


Showpony is an international industry leader with products of the highest quality, recognised, endorsed and used by professionals and influencers around the globe.

We share our partner salons and customers values, providing products that are ethically sourced and sustainably packaged.

We’re always looking for ways to innovate to ensure our products are always on-trend and that we’re at the forefront of styles, colours and fashion.


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