Hair Care

Showpony Professional would like to introduce a signature range of products specifically designed for the care and maintenance of hair extensions. 

The Showpony Care Range is free of chemicals that can damage strands, such as SLS, SLES, paraben, silicone and sodium.

Showpony Hair Extension Shampoo

Give hair extensions some much deserved TLC. One of our best sellers, Showpony hair extension shampoo, is designed to cleanse, removing product build-up without compromising the strength and longevity of your extensions. Showpony recommends that you use this product to ensure slipping of the tape is avoided.

Showpony Hair Extension Conditioner

Give thirsty hair the fix it needs. Our notorious hair extension conditioner has been formulated to keep Showpony tresses hydrated and silky soft.

Keep premium quality human hair extensions looking their best with the latest range of hair extension care products from Showpony. 

Explore our extensive range of hair extension care products

Beautiful results with hair extensions start with the right tools. In order to protect the quality and shine of your 100% Remy human hair, Showpony has developed unique formula hair extension care products that gently cleanse and soften your hair extensions without causing damage or slippage to permanent hair extensions. 

Our Hair Extensions Maintenance Shampoo, for salon and at-home use, keeps Showpony hair extensions looking and feeling beautiful, with an oil- and silicone-free formula that guarantees against slippage for 4 to 6 weeks. Ensure your permanent hair extensions look their best by following up with Showpony Strength & Shine Conditioner — which gently softens and smooths extensions, without damaging the security of hair wefts. Formulated for safe use with both our clip in hair extensions and 3 in 1 hair extension kits, you’ll love the results you get with Showpony hair extension care products. 

Shop salon-ready hair extension care products today

For professionals, our salon-exclusive sizes of Deep Cleansing, Hair Maintenance Shampoo and Strength and Shine Conditioner are perfect for preparing the hair prior to installing hair extensions. And the take home 250ml is perfect to maintain the health of the hair for a natural styled finish and to ensure the longevity of the wear of the hair. Our Tape Remover and Residue Remover gently cleanse the hair after removal of tape in and other adhesive bonded hair extensions — leaving the client’s hair soft and ready for reapplications, cut or colouring sessions.  

From flawless application to maintenance, look no further than Showpony

Make applying your clip in hair extensions at home a breeze with Showpony retail tools and accessories, perfect for giving you salon professional results in the comfort of your own home. From sectioning clips to detangling and styling paddle brushes, our entire collection is designed for safe use with hair extensions of all kinds, so you’ll never have to face a bad hair day again.