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Retail Products
  • Ponytail Wrap - Human
  • $295.95
    Includes18" Ponytail Extensions piece with 1 comb. Fitting Instructions - Make a ponytail with your own hair using a hair elastic. - Using the Ponytail comb secure the comb into the top of your own ponytail. - Once the comb is secured underneath your hair elastic, wrap the smaller section around your ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.
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  • Fringes
  • $110.00
    Instructions: Take a section from the top of your head down past the ears and pull this section back. Place the middle clip at the top of your head or at the desired height you wish your fringe to start. Snap the two clips into place. Comb your hair over the top of the fringe to hide attachments Have your...
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  • Highlights - Heat Resistant Synthetic
  • $12.95
    Showpony Synthetic Heat Resistant Highlights come in natural colours and bright colours. Showpony Synthetic Highlights can be blended with full head hair extensions to offer a bright colour streak or a slight colour highlight. Showpony Highlights are Heat Resistant up to 180° and can be flat ironed or curled.
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  • 20" 7-piece Clip-in Hair Extensions Set
  • $329.00
    Showpony Clip-In Remy A+ Human Hair Extensions are made of the finest quality Human Remy A+ Hair. Available in 11 natural colours. Also available in 18" length. 7 piece set includes: 1 x 4 Clip - 26cm width 2 x 3 Clip - 20cm width 2 x 2 Clip - 9.5cm width 2 x 1 Clip - 4cm width Length: 20"Weight: 110 gramsGrade: A+ Blend...
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  • Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Extensions
  • $49.95
    Showpony Heat Resistant 18" Hair Extensions are made from the highest quality heat resistant synthetic fibre and can be flat ironed or curled to approximately 180 degrees.
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  • Detangler
  • $24.95
    The Showpony Hair Detangler is your saviour in detangling hair, it will also increase stimulation to the scalp and promote hair growth. Great for knotty kids hair.
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Showpony Professional utilizes the finest Human Remy A+ Quality Hair
Showpony is luxuriously soft while also strong and healthy thanks to our quality blend.