Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Weft


Can I colour my Showpony hair extensions?

We do not recommend it as colours may react differently on extensions in comparison to natural hair. If it is necessary to tone your extensions, we do ask that you consult your hairdresser. Avoid using shampoos containing toning pigments.

Can I perm my Showpony Hair Extensions?

We do not recommend or guarantee it, as the Extensions have undergone a chemical process. Perming the hair extensions will void the Showpony warranty and possibly damage the integrity/quality of your hair extensions.

What products and ingredients can I and can't I use on my Showpony Hair Extensions?

Our Showpony Shampoo & Conditioner has been specially formulated to care and protect your Showpony Hair Extensions. Stay away from shampoo or products containing Argan or Moroccan oils, oils, protein, citrus, high alcohol content, Keratin treatments or lauryl sulphate. This includes any medicated or toning shampoos and fake tanning products. Using these products may cause tape slippage and/or discolouration to your extensions and may void your Showpony warranty.

Can I use Keratin on my Showpony Hair Extensions?

No. Your Showpony hair extensions have already undergone an intense chemical process. We do not recommend a Keratin treatment prior to the hair extension application. Keratin creates a build up on the hair shaft therefore not providing an ideal working field, the take home products used to maintain your Keratin treatment will also create issues with your hair extensions.

How often do I need to have my Weft Hair Extensions moved up?

Every 6-8 weeks. This is the safest amount of time to ensure safe hair extension wear.

What attachment products can I use for Weft Hair Extensions?

You can use any of the following - 5mm Micro Beads, 6mm Micro Beads, 6mm Copper Beads, 3.5mm Euro Locks, Shrinkies or Needle & Cotton.

What does Remy A+ mean?

Remy A+ means all the cuticles are aligned, so all the hair has been placed in the same direction. This means that you are always brushing in the direction of the cuticle. You are brushing the hair down not up. Therefore, the hair is less likely to get tangled or matted. A+ is high quality Remy hair.

Can I reuse the beads when I have my hair extensions moved up?

No, the beads need to be squeezed to hold for placement and reopened to release for moving up or removing the extensions.The clamping manipulates the elasticity of the metal bead so it is always best to use new beads.

What does single-drawn mean?

Single-drawn is where the hair has only been pulled through the hair extension hair mats once. The hair is tapered and is fantastic to use for partials or a more tapered hair effect.

Will a Weft suit my hair?

Wefts are great for medium to thick hair as they are a quick and effective way to add density to the natural hair.

What does a Weft look like?

The weft is a 1m length of hair that has been grouped together by an overlocked seam that is about 2mm wide. When being used in salon, it is cut into lengths designed to specifically fit the clients head.

How is a Weft attached?

Several different methods can be used to attach the weft, and is chosen according to your preference, lifestyle and suitability to your hair type. Showpony does not “pre-bead” our weft so that you have the freedom to tailor the application method best suited to you. The main methods we employ are a beaded application or sewn on to a beaded track.

Can I put my hair up with a Weft?

While there is less movement with a weft in comparison to other techniques, yes you will be able to put it up into a loose pony or bun.