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FAQ - Tape Extensions

Tape Extensions

Can I colour my Showpony hair extensions?

We do not recommend it as colours may react differently on extensions in comparison to natural hair. If it is necessary to tone your extensions, we do ask that you consult your hairdresser. Avoid using shampoos containing toning pigments.

Can I perm my Showpony Hair Extensions?

We do not recommend or guarantee it, as the Extensions have undergone a chemical process. Perming the hair extensions will void the Showpony warranty and possibly damage the integrity/quality of your hair extensions.

Can I colour my natural hair on the same day as having Tape Hair Extensions applied?

We do not recommend colouring your hair on the same day that you are having hair extensions applied. You will need to allow at least 72hrs between colour and hair extensions application. Colouring your natural hair on the same day as hair extension application can result in the hair extensions slipping out of your hair.

How wide is the tape?

The tape is 4cm wide. We have specially designed the tape based on weight and the amount of hair you take for the section to ensure the safest application based on the weight distributed across the section of hair.

What products & ingredients can I and can't I use on my Showpony Hair Extensions?

Our Showpony Shampoo & Conditioner has been specially formulated to not affect the adhesive of our tapes and we suggest using these products. We also guarantee the tape for slippage for 6 weeks if you use our range.
Stay away from shampoo or products containing Argan or Moroccan oils, oils, protein, citrus, high alcohol content, Keratin treatments or lauryl sulphate. This includes any medicated or toning shampoos and fake tanning products. Using these products may cause tape slippage and/or discolouration to your extensions and may void your Showpony warranty.

Can I use Keratin on my Showpony Hair Extensions?

No. Your Showpony hair extensions have already undergone an intense chemical process. We do not recommend a Keratin treatment prior to the hair extension application as this can make the tape slip out of the natural hair. Keratin creates a build up on the hair shaft therefore not providing an ideal working field, the take home products used to maintain your Keratin treatment will also create issues with your hair extensions.

How often do I need to have my Tape Hair Extensions moved up?

Every 4-6 weeks. This is the safest amount of time to ensure safe hair extension wear.

How long after having my Tape Hair Extensions applied can I wash my hair?

Please allow 48-72 hours after placement to ensure the adhesive has had sufficient time to bond.

What attachment products can I use for Tape Hair Extensions?

You can use our pre-cut tape replacement sheets, tape roll or single sided tapes.

What does Remy A+ mean?

Remy A+ means all the cuticles are aligned, so all the hair has been placed in the same direction. This means that you are always brushing in the direction of the cuticle. You are brushing the hair down not up. Therefore, the hair is less likely to get tangled or matted. A+ is high quality Remy hair.

What does single-drawn mean?

Single-drawn is where the hair has only been pulled through the hair extension hair mats once. The hair is tapered and is fantastic to use for partials or a more tapered hair effect.

How do I retape my tape hair extensions?

First retape - no tape to be removed. New tape to be applied over first tape. Second retape, retape to be removed and thrown away and new tape applied.

What is the difference between the Indi and Showpony Premium Tape range?

We have two different ranges of tapes. Our Showpony Premium Tape Range is 80% European hair and 20% Indian. It is single-drawn with tapered ends which blends flawlessly with natural hair and is fantastic to use for partials or full head styles with tapered ends. Our Showpony Premium Tapes are available in 14”, 20” or 24”. Our Indi range is 100% Indian double-drawn hair and great for creating blunt cuts and adding volume.

How do I remove my tape hair extensions?

Spray the remover into the centre of the tape, place the tail comb in the centre [between tape] and pull toward you. Remember to remove the backing. Always peel from the centre never the sides. Please note: if you have any residue, this happens when heat tools are applied. To remove use Showpony Luminous Mist and comb out. Deep cleanse at least 2-3 times before re-applying the hair extensions to ensure the residue from the Luminous Mist is removed. If you are having difficulty with this apply heat from a hair dryer & deep cleanse again.

Will tapes suit my hair?

Tape extensions we feel are the most versatile and natural type of extension. They suit most types of hair and we have two different textures to match both fine/med and med/thick hair. It’s always best to consult with your hairstylist on which type of extension will suit your hair and your lifestyle the best.

Do they cause damage?

Tape hair extensions are extremely safe. Damage only ever occurs if the extensions have been incorrectly applied, at home maintenance guidelines have not been followed or if they are left to grow out past the recommended 4-6 weeks. This is why it is so important to find a salon that is correctly trained and diligent in educating you in how to best care for your extensions and your natural hair whilst wearing them.

How are they attached?

Tape extensions are used in pairs, with one adhesive tab on each. The two adhesive sides are paired together with a thin section of natural hair in between. The adhesive expands, creating a bond to the hair shaft as well as to each other through the hair strands. This bond takes approximately 72 hrs to form, which is why we ask that you do not wash your hair or get it wet during this time.

Do you have to have a full head of tape hair extensions?

No, you can use any number of pairs to add thickness, create a bob, fill in your sides or create colour without actually having to colour your hair. Our Premium Slimline Tape Hair Extensions (hyperlink) come in ¼ head packs consisting of 5 pairs to do exactly this.

Does it come in different lengths?

Yes, we have 14”, 20”and 24” options.

What’s the weight of a full head?

A full head is approximately 100g of hair.

Is it ethically sourced?

Showpony only employs ethical practises in all aspects of our business. Please refer to our Ethical Standards Statement here for more information.