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How many packets of Tape Hair Extensions make an average full head of Hair Extensions?

An average full head would be 4 packets of Premium Slimline Tape Extensions, Skin Weft or Mini Microbead Hair Extensions. We recommend increasing the packs required to 5 for our 24” Premium Slimline Tape Hair Extensions, to maintain consistency to the ends. Weft Hair Extensions come in 100g full head packs and are cut to size for your individual placement requirements. Showpony Mini Microbead Hair Extensions require 4 packs to an average full head. All “Full Heads” are a guideline only, with some thicker hair types requiring more than the recommended average full head. Always consult your stylist for your specific requirements.

What lengths and colours do they come in?

Showpony Hair Extensions are available in 14”, 20” and 24” lengths, and a variety of block, blended and ombre shades. To view what lengths and shades are available in each of our collections, please visit and follow through to colour swatches at base of each page.

How often do you need to move up the extensions?

Showpony Hair Extensions are designed to be removed and reinstalled every 4-6 weeks. Although the bond may last longer, this is what we have found to be the safest refitting interval to maintain the health of the natural hair your extension is attached to. Showpony Professional only endorses safe extension wear and will not encourage practices that compromise the quality of your natural hair.

How wide are the Slimline Tape Extensions, the Skin Weft Tape Hair Extensions and Replacement Tapes?

4cm wide

Why is the tape 4cm wide?

Showpony Professional has specifically designed the width our Premium Slimline Tape Extensions and Skin Weft Tape Extensions to safely distribute the additional weight of the extension across the natural hair or “Foundation Section” without causing stress or damage.

What is the tape made of?

Both our Tape and adhesive are a hypoallergenic formula, specifically designed for Showpony Professional Hair Extensions

How do you remove the tape?

All removal processes for Showpony Hair Extensions should be performed by a salon professional to ensure safe removal. Attempting to remove Extensions without professional supervision may result in damage to the natural hair, or damage to your Extensions, voiding your warranty

Spray Showpony Tape Remover into the centre of the tape, place the end of a tail comb gently between tapes and slowly free the two sided from one another. If you feel any resistance, spray again with Showpony Tape Remover to release. Remember to remove the old tape from the removed Extension to avoid the spread of residue throughout your Extensions. Always peel from the centre never the sides. Please note: Some residue may be left in the natural hair, which can occur if too high a heat has been used on the Extensions during wear. To remove this from the natural hair, apply 1-2 sprays of Showpony Residue Remover and gently comb out. Deep Cleanse the natural hair 2-3 times with Showpony Deep Cleansing Shampoo to ensure all traces of the Showpony Residue Remover have been washed away before having the Extensions re-applied. Residue or traces of Showpony Residue Remover that have not been effectively cleansed may cause slippage of your Extensions.

Can you colour the extensions?

We do not recommend the colouring of Showpony Hair Extensions, or the use of toning shampoo and or conditioners. If you choose to do so we recommend this only be performed by an approved Showpony Hair Extension Stockist. For a list of Showpony Approved Salons, please visit our salon finder. Colouring the Extensions may also void the warranty. Please refer to for returns policy.

How many pieces of tape are in each pack of Replacement Tapes?

60 pieces, which is the equivalent to one and a half average full heads.

Can you perm the hair?

We do not recommend perming Showpony Hair Extensions, as they have already undergone a lengthy chemical process. Perming Showpony Hair Extensions will void any warranties and may compromise the quality of your Showpony Hair Extensions.

How long after your initial extension application can you wash the hair?

Showpony Slimline Tape Extensions require 72 hours to create a bond with one another, so we ask that you do not allow your hair to get wet, do any strenuous exercise or wash your hair during this time. Weft and Mini Microbead extensions do not have any adhesive so can be washed within 24 hours of application.

What Shampoo and Conditioner do you recommend using?

Our Showpony Maintenance Shampoo and Strength & Shine Conditioner has been specifically formulated to not affect the adhesive of our tapes. We also guarantee the tape for slippage for 6 weeks if you use our range. Shop our aftercare

What is the Shampoo and Conditioner scent?

The Showpony Maintenance Shampoo and Strength & Shine Conditioner fragrance is a combination of nectarine and fuji apple.

Can you use Keratin or protein on the extensions?

We do not recommend the use of Keratin products either before application or on Showpony Hair Extensions, as either can cause slippage of the tape, or cause brittleness in the hair itself. Keratin can also create a build-up on the hair shaft, inhibiting the adhesion of the tape to the natural hair.

What products shouldn't be used on extensions?

Whilst wearing Showpony Hair Extensions, we recommend avoiding products containing citrus extracts, oils including Moroccan or Argan oils, silicones or their derivatives, protein or keratin-based products and products containing a high alcohol content. This includes any medicated or toning shampoos and tanning products. Using these products may cause tape slippage or discolouration to your Hair Extensions.  Some chemical based sunscreens may also cause discolouration of your Hair Extensions and may void your Showpony warranty.

What does it mean if the tape becomes sticky or tacky before my retape is due?

This is often due to the use of high heats on your Hair Extensions. Hot Showers, Hair Dryers on maximum temperature & Hot Irons being run over the upper portion of the Hair Extensions will speed up the natural deterioration of the adhesive. If you notice the adhesive becoming sticky during wear, use Showpony Deep Cleansing Shampoo to remove and Showpony Residue Remover to clean during your regular reapplication. You will need to ensure that the Showpony Residue Remover is cleansed thoroughly off the top of your Hair Extensions before attempting to replace the Tape Adhesive, to prevent slippage or the replacement tape not adhering to the top of the Extension.

What hair blend is the human hair made from?

It is a blend of 20% European and 80% Indian, Indian for strength and durability, European for a soft, silky texture.

What does Remy A+ mean?

Remy A+ means all the cuticles are intact and aligned downward in the same direction as your natural hair. This means that you are always brushing in the direction of the cuticle therefore the hair is less likely to get tangled or matted.

What does "A+" Mean?

Highest quality of Remy Hair.

How many grams of hair is in 1 packet of Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions?

Each pack comes with 25 1g strands, with a total of 25 grams per pack.

How many grams in 1 packet of Tape Hair Extensions?

Each pack comes with 10 2.5gm Tape Extensions, totalling 25grams per pack

What does single-drawn mean?

Single-drawn is where a combing process has been used to remove shorter hairs from the Hair Extension drop, whilst maintaining a natural taper on the ends, as would occur in a natural head of hair. This taper allows for a more natural weight line, shortening the time required to blend to the natural hair and softer colour blends when mixing multiple colours together in the one head