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FAQ - Mini Micro Beads

Mini Micro Beads

Can you colour Showpony Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions?

We do not recommend the colouring of Showpony Hair Extensions, or the use of toning shampoo and or conditioners. If you choose to do so we recommend this only be performed by an approved Showpony Hair Extension Stockist. For a list of Showpony Approved Salons, please visit our salon finder. Colouring the Extensions may also void the warranty. Please refer to for returns policy.

Can you perm the hair?

We do not recommend perming Showpony Hair Extensions, as they have already undergone a lengthy chemical process. Perming Showpony Hair Extensions will void any warranties and may compromise the quality of your Showpony Hair Extensions.

What products shouldn't be used on Showpony Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions?

Whilst wearing Showpony Hair Extensions, we recommend avoiding products containing citrus extracts, oils including Moroccan or Argan oils, silicones or their derivatives, protein or keratin-based products and products containing a high alcohol content. This includes any medicated or toning shampoos and tanning products. Using these products may cause tape slippage or discolouration to your Hair Extensions.  Some chemical based sunscreens may also cause discolouration of your Hair Extensions and may void your Showpony warranty. Shop our aftercare

Can you use Keratin or protein on the extensions?

We do not recommend the use of Keratin products either before application or on Showpony Hair Extensions, as either can cause slippage of the tape, or cause brittleness in the hair itself. Keratin can also create a build-up on the hair shaft, inhibiting the adhesion of the tape to the natural hair.

How often do I need to have my Showpony Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions reinstalled?

Showpony Hair Extensions are designed to be removed and reinstalled every 4-6 weeks. Although the Bead Connection may last longer, this is what we have found to be the safest refitting interval to maintain the health of the natural hair your extension is attached to. Showpony Professional only endorses safe extension wear and will not encourage practices that compromise the quality of your natural hair.

What attachment products/beads do I use for Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions?

Showpony Professional has specifically designed our Mini Microbead Beads to fit Showpony Mini Microbead Hair Extensions. They come in 3 shades, in jars of 1000.

Can I reuse the beads when I have my Showpony Hair Extensions moved up?

No, the beads need to be squeezed flat to hold within the natural hair and reopened in the opposite direction to release for moving up or removing the Hair Extensions. The clamping deteriorates the elasticity of the metal in the bead, so opening and closing the bead multiple times may cause the bead to collapse on itself in the hair. It is always best to use new beads to avoid this.

What does double-drawn mean?

Double-drawn is where the shorter hairs have been removed using a special combing process, so that the majority of the strands are the same length from the top of the Extension to the bottom. This type of Extension “draw” is fantastic to use for blunt styles and volume.

What does premium double-drawn mean?

Premium double-drawn is where the hair has been pulled through the hair extension hair mats three times. The hair is very thick to ends and is fantastic for clients that want a blunt appearance.

What does Remy A+ mean?

Remy A+ means all the cuticles are intact and aligned downward in the same direction as your natural hair. This means that you are always brushing in the direction of the cuticle therefore the hair is less likely to get tangled or matted.

What Does the “A+” Mean?

Highest quality of Remy Hair.

Will Showpony Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions suit my hair?

Showpony Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions are best suited to people with Medium to Thick hair.

How are Showpony Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions attached?

A small section of natural hair is threaded through the top of a bead, then a strand of extension with a tip on the top (similar to the look of the end of a shoelace) is then threaded into the bottom of the bead. The bead is then pressed closed to hold the tip tight to the natural hair.

Do Showpony Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions damage the hair?

Damage only ever occurs if the extensions have been incorrectly applied, at home maintenance guidelines have not been followed or if they are left to grow out past the recommended 4-6 weeks. Therefore, it is so important to find a salon that is correctly trained and diligent in educating you in how to best care for your extensions and your natural hair whilst wearing them.