How Long Do Hair Extensions Last

When it comes to knowing how long hair extensions will last, there are two major factors to consider: How long will the hair in the extension last for? And how long will the bonds last?

How long will the hair extension last?

When cared for correctly, human hair can remain healthy and in good condition for years and years. However, because hair extensions are no longer attached to the scalp, the hair isn’t getting the natural nutrients and oils that it needs to flourish. For this reason, hair extensions generally last for 6-12 months before needing to be replaced.

Of course, this is only a guide, and those who follow the recommended maintenance and aftercare instructions could see their hair extensions lasting considerably longer.

Getting the most life out of your hair extensions

Your hair care routine is essential in keeping your hair extensions looking and feeling their best. Think of the hair being as delicate as a cashmere sweater – a high-end fashion piece that requires special attention and care. 

You will have a long-lasting, delightfully soft cashmere sweater if you choose to wash it on the proper setting, use suitable cleaning products, and follow the aftercare instructions. If you throw your sweater in with the rest of your laundry, you'll end up with a discoloured, distorted piece that's too small to wear and feels harsh on your skin.

Hair extensions deserve to be treated with the same care as your natural hair. Making your hair extensions last longer starts with good hair care from day one. We have a wealth of information on how to care for your hair extensions, including sleeping with your hair extensions, washing them, brushing them, drying them, and much more on the Showpony blog

Pro tip: An easy way to replenish your hair’s nutrients is by using good quality moisture masks and conditioners. Avoid products that contain oils and only apply to the ends of the hair. Never apply conditioner or treatments to the tape bonds near the roots of your hair. 

How long will the bonds last?

The length of time your hair extension bonds will last depends on your chosen application method. The Showpony permanent range has 4 different methods – Tape, Skin Weft Tape, Mini Micro Beads, and the Weft.

All Showpony permanent hair extensions are attached to the natural hair close to the scalp using gentle yet secure technologies.  

Because your natural hair will continue to grow like normal even with hair extensions attached, they will gradually move further away from the scalp. For this reason, we recommend visiting the salon every 4-6 weeks to have your hair extensions refitted. This will prevent the hair from becoming tangled and harming your natural hair in any way.

How to get the most out of your hair extension appointment

Keeping up with your maintenance appointments at the salon will ensure that your hair extensions last as long as possible. It will also keep your natural hair healthy and strong and will make removing your hair extensions an easy and painless process.

Looking for long lasting hair extensions?

Showpony's hair extensions are made to look as beautiful in month twelve as they do in month one. Take a look at our range of clip in hair extensions and 3in1 hair extensions to recreate the look at home or head to our salon locator to see which salons near you are stocking Showpony's weft, mini micro bead and tape in hair extensions.

If you require any further support or would like some more information on which method is best for you, contact our team on +61 7 5522 0488.