Ultimate Guide to Brushing Your Tape Hair Extensions

We’re confident Showpony hair extensions will look great on you. We also know there are high expectations for premium hair extensions, so it’s important to put in the effort to look after them properly. 

By taking good care of your hair extensions, the premium quality will last longer and be well worth your investment! Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions don't get the same nourishment and natural oils that keeps your own hair healthy and hydrated.

Many women are afraid to do anything to their hair extensions after getting them put in because they’re scared to damage them. However, contrary to popular belief, this might be one of the worst things you can do (or, for this instance, "not do") to your hair!

Not brushing your real hair tape extensions correctly could result in tangling, breakage, knotting, dryness and leave your hair extensions vulnerable to further damages. Follow these top brushing tips if you want your real tape hair extensions to last longer.

Apply a leave-in conditioner

Use a leave-in conditioner to moisturise the ends of your hair extensions. It will loosen any tangles and knots and make it easier to gently brush. Make sure to use it not on your roots or the tape adhesive tabs, only on the ends of the hair. This will prevent your real hair tape extensions from slipping and any product build up. We recommend using salon-quality products, like KEVIN.MURPHY Untangled Leave In Conditioner.  

A leave-in conditioner is a fantastic way to regularly give your extensions a healthy dose of hydration and protection, not just when brushing and detangling. Simply rinse your hair, lightly towel dry, and apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair only.

Use hair extension-friendly brushes

Having the right hairbrush for everyday use is critical when it comes to taking care of your real hair tape extensions. Many of us make the mistake of continuing to use our old brushes after our extensions have been fitted, which can cause irreversible damage.

Hair extensions require a brush that is specifically designed for them for a variety of reasons. A hair extension brush must be strong enough to work through a lot of hair, as hair extensions are often thick and long but delicate enough not to tug too hard when brushing. Basically, you must be able to brush right up to the roots without getting stuck in the knots or tangling them.

We recommend using a good quality Paddle Brush. It’s a lifesaver when detangling and increases circulation to the scalp to promote hair growth.

Start from the bottom

Start from the bottom part of your real hair tape extensions and work your way up towards your scalp. Brushing your hair from the ends keeps you from pulling your hair and avoids damage to your hair extensions. Brush your real hair tape extensions together with your natural hair. Do this inch by inch and repeat until you reach your roots.

When should I brush my real hair tape extensions?

Every morning: It is essential to brush your hair before beginning your day. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it's not uncommon for people with short hair to just brush their fingers through their hair to tame their locks, especially if they prefer a messier look.

Before washing: Again, this may seem a no-brainer to those of us who have naturally long hair, but if you have had your hair extensions placed into short hair, you may be accustomed to jumping right in and never thinking of this. Brushing your hair extensions before showering prevents tangles from forming when you wash them, making it much easier to brush your hair when it's wet.

Before going to bed: After a long day, it's very important to brush your hair one more time before going to bed. This ensures that there are no remaining tangles in your hair that you'll have to remove in the morning, making the process much faster and easier.

You may discover that you need to brush your hair more frequently now that you have gorgeous long, thick hair, either because you enjoy it or because you feel that you have to. Taking care of your real hair tape extensions can be so much easier if you keep your hairbrush close to you, especially if you get caught in a strong gust of wind or, worse, the rain!

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