Our Top Hair Care Tips For Extensions

When you’ve invested in high quality Remy hair extensions, it’s important to maintain them properly so you can keep them looking their best and last for as long as possible. For the best results and advice on maintaining your hair, check out these hair extension care tips.

How to take care of human hair extensions

Just like your natural hair, human hair extensions need to be brushed, conditioned and cared for to look their best. Not only will this prolong the life of any hair extensions, it will also increase their shine and bouncy volume. And who doesn’t want that? When it comes to extensions though, there are some key differences to your own hair growth. Unlike natural hair, which is kept moisturised with the natural oil from your scalp, extensions require plenty of conditioning power to avoid drying out. A Strength & Shine Conditioner is a great at-home solution for maintaining extensions’ softness and lustre. 

If you are sleeping in your hair extensions, remember that matting can not only damage the length and thickness of your extensions, it can also damage your real hair. Not ideal! Loosely braiding your hair before you go to sleep will help reduce knotting, and if you regularly sleep with tape extensions, we recommend a silk or satin pillowcase, which will reduce tangling throughout the night. 

Taking care of clip in hair extensions

Clip in extensions are great for adding instant glamour for special events and occasions when you want that extra va-va-voom. Because they’re easily removed, you can continue your normal hair care routine after removing them, but in order to look their best, there are a few hair extension care tips you should follow. 

Always store your clip in extensions in a cool and dry place, away from dust and sunlight. Making sure hair extensions are dry when you store them is key, as moisture can create mould or other bacterial growth – not fun. Make sure they are brushed and knot-free, then secure the bottom of each piece with a hair elastic before gently coiling or tying in a loose knot for a gentle wave when you next use them. 

How to take care of tape extensions

Tape hair extensions require special care because, unlike clip ins, they need to be washed, brushed and cared for like natural hair for as long as they are installed. Build-up from styling products can cause your hair extensions to get dirty and start to appear dull, so gently cleansing them is important for maintaining their shine. Using a specialty Hair Extension Maintenance Shampoo will gently remove dirt, grease and other build-ups without being too harsh or drying on your hair extensions. Using shampoo and conditioner which isn’t formulated for hair extensions can lead to them looking brittle or unmanageable, so keep tape hair extensions soft with the proper shampoo. If you need a deep clean, book in for a Salon Deep Cleansing Shampoo session with your hairdresser. 

If you’re ready to remove tape extensions, make sure you book into a salon that will correctly uninstall them. They should use an approved adhesive remover and finishing, with a product like Showpony’s Residue Remover that cleanses the hair of any extra remnants of adhesive that may still be present on your hair or scalp. 

For the best hair extensions and maintenance products, choose Showpony

Whether you like clip in hair extensions for a dramatic special occasion or look for tape hair extensions to give you every fullness and length, caring for your human extensions will extend their life and keep them looking seamless and blended with your real hair. Shop the entire range of hair extension care products from Showpony to keep your hair looking shiny, healthy and lustrous for longer.