Date night hair with Showpony

Be fierce, and turn the volume up this Valentine's Day. 

Create dreamy date night hair using Showpony premium Clip In Hair Extensions.

The Clip In Box Set is exclusive and luxurious. Made from the finest quality Remy A+ human hair, this 7 piece set features a paddle brush and secure clips that are strong, yet gentle on natural hair. It's a girl's best friend and the ultimate accessory for easy, non-committal hair transformations.

Create our model's look using the 20" 7 Piece Clip In Hair Extensions Box Set or the 20" 3 in 1 Halo Hair Extension Box Set in the hot new colour Top Deck Ombre (7B-11G).


  1. Protect your natural hair and your hair extensions with a spritz of heat protection spray.
  2. Take 2-3cm sections of hair, point the curling tong to the ground and hold still, while you wrap each section of hair around it.
  3. Hold on the curling tong for 5 seconds.
  4. Release the curl and repeat throughout your natural hair and your hair extensions.
  5. Brush your hair and your hair extensions with the Showpony Natural Bristle Paddle Brush to soften.
  6. Apply your Clip In Hair Extensions below the widest part of your head, below your eyebrows.
  7. Expert tip: Spray your roots with dry shampoo and back brush a small section 2cm across – this padded area is where you will position the clips.
  8. Open the clips and insert the teeth into the padding you have created.
  9. Bend the clips in the opposite direction to close.
  10. Use your two pointer fingers to take a circular section of hair on the top of your head.
  11. Hold this section straight up and use your brush to back brush the root area.
  12. Using your fingers, direct this hair back onto your crown and section with a hair elastic.
  13. To complete the look, pull out some tendrils around your face and spritz with a light hairspray to hold.


Prefer a professional in-salon service?

The Showpony Skin Weft Tape Collection is the most discreet form of Tape Hair Extensions on the market. The key to perfect hair extensions is to create natural-looking, flawless, undetectable blends. 

Find your nearest Showpony approved salon to create the look with 100g of Skin Weft Tape Hair Extensions in the trending new colour Top Deck Ombre (7B-11G). 

  1. Shampoo the hair with Showpony Deep Cleansing Shampoo, repeat once.
  2. Blast dry and straighten.
  3. Apply a full head of horizontal Skin Weft Tape Hair Extensions.
  4. Cut and blend.
  5. Style by taking long vertical sections and twist wrap around a 2” curling tong.
  6. Brush through with Showpony Natural Bristle Brush.
  7. Back brush top section and softly secure at the crown.
  8. To complete the look, loosen hair around the face.
  9. Wait 72 hours before washing hair to allow the tape adhesive time to set.
  10. Use Showpony Maintenance Shampoo & Strength and Shine Conditioner to ensure longevity of the hair extensions.
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