3 Tips in Finding the Best Tape Hair Extensions

Are you looking for the best tape hair extensions to get the hair you've always wanted? Learn how to spot good (and not so good) quality hair extensions to achieve the hairstyle you've been dreaming of!

Although many high-quality hair extensions are available on the market, unfortunately, the low-quality ones are also out there. Knowing how to recognise hair extension qualities can help you achieve your desired style without the hair issues and uglies. 

3 Key Characteristics of the Best Tape Hair Extensions

1. Sold by a Reputable Salon or Company

Tape hair extensions should be installed by a professional. The adhesive needs to be applied close to the scalp to ensure a natural-looking blend with your hair. This hides the fact that you're wearing them at all!

Always look for a reputable company or salon where you can find a professional stylist to apply the most suitable tape hair extensions for your hair.

We recommend that you do your research first, and our salon locator is the perfect place to start. Here you will find a list of authorised Showpony salons across Australia where you can purchase high-quality hair extensions to be professionally applied.

All authorised Showpony salons have a team of trained professionals who can install your hair extensions beautifully and accurately. 

2. Made From 100% Remy A+

Although you may find synthetic tape hair extensions are cheaper, they certainly aren't the best choice. Synthetic hair isn't versatile to work with, and the quality doesn't last very long. Simple treatments or hot styling tools can ruin synthetic tape hair extensions. 


Photo by Chelsea Haircutters. Hair by Peter Thomsen. 

Your better option? Remy A+ human hair extensions! Remy hair is made from natural human hair. Unlike synthetic hair, Remy still has the cuticles intact, making these hair extensions look and feel just like natural hair. When wearing Remy hair extensions, you can treat them like your own hair and style them to your heart's content.

3. Non-Toxic Medical-Grade Adhesive 

Tape hair extensions are among the safest methods of hair extensions. We recommend this method as the best solution for those with fine hair. Yet, be sure to only use tape hair extensions with high-quality adhesive to avoid damaging your natural hair.

Tape hair extensions are attached to your natural hair with adhesive close to the scalp. Non-toxic, medical-grade adhesives are a crucial component to look for when choosing the best tape hair extensions for your hair.

Where to Buy High-Quality Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions should be applied by a professional - this is a non-negotiable! It is also crucial to follow your stylist's instructions in washing and caring for your new hair. Your stylist might even recommend products that go well with your hair extensions. Check out the Showpony hair care range. 

There are many places you can buy premium tape hair extensions, and Showpony authorised salons are among them. Our hair extensions are loved and used by stylists around the globe. We ensure we uphold this standard by only selling premium products. 

Why You'll Love Them 

Our hair extensions are made from 100% Remy A+ human hair, 80% Indian and 20% European hair. The cuticles of our tape hair extensions are still intact, and they follow the direction of your hair's natural flow.

Showpony hair extensions are available in different colours and lengths, allowing you to achieve the hairstyle of your favourite celebrity. If you're a salon owner, become an authorised Showpony stockist, your clients will love the wide range we have to offer! 

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