Remy Hair Extensions: What Are They?

Salons, beauty experts, and fashionistas refer to the term Remy or Remi hair extensions. Remy refers to hair extensions with the cuticle still intact and an outer layer of protection, just like your natural hair. The cuticle runs down hair strands, creating a smooth, silky, and shiny appearance. This is ideal, as we love it when hair extensions look, behave, and style just like natural hair. 

High-quality Remy hair extensions are 100% human hair, with the cuticle intact and aligned.

remy hair extensions

Why choose Remy? 

At Showpony, we provide the highest quality human hair extensions with the cuticle aligned and intact. We call our hair Remy A+. When the cuticle is aligned the hair is smooth to touch and less likely to tangle. Some hair extensions are Remy, which means the cuticle is intact, but the hair is not aligned. This hair can tangle easily as the hair has the cuticle running in different directions. This hair can initially look good, but deteriorates quickly. What makes Remy A+ hair extensions an even a better option is that when cared for correctly they can still look fabulous even after six or more months.

You can purchase Remy A+ hair from Showpony online. There are temporary and permanent methods available. Temporary methods are available to the consumer and permanent hair extensions are sold to salon professionals. There is a wide selection available, to add length, volume, and colour to your hair instantly. The temporary methods include clip in and 3 in 1 hair extensions. The permanent method include tape, skin weft, mini-micro bead, and weft with no clip, hair extensions. With the help of a salon professional or Showpony Customer Support, you can choose the best method for you.

Showpony hair extensions use the highest quality of hair available. They can add texture, volume, length, and fullness for a natural-looking soft, silky, and flexible finish.

We have created a selection of colours that you'll love, including highlights and ombres to match with your hair colour. Showpony hair extensions undergo a slow colouring process to ensure longevity of hair colour. This ensures they are strong, healthy, and shiny, making them the best choice to blend beautifully with your hair.

Non-Remy hair extensions undergo a harsh chemical process to remove the cuticle entirely. Natural hair does have a cuticle and it is the outer layer of protection. When you want the best, choose the most natural, Remy hair extensions. 

How to spot real Remy hair extensions? 


Remy indicates high-quality hair extensions. Ask and look for evidence of Remy authenticity when choosing your hair extensions. The price you pay for hair extensions is an indicator of quality, and you will get what you pay. Cheaper hair does not equal quality! 

Cuticle Is Intact

Not all hair extensions are created equally. Only Remy or Showpony Remy A+ hair has the cuticle intact. Think of the cuticle as the outermost protective layer, like the overlapping scales of the hair. It makes the hair look and feel softer and shines. Synthetic hair extensions have no cuticle.

Remy hair extensions have the cuticle intact along each hair strand, making them durable. It means that with the correct care, your hair extensions will have longevity. 


Synthetic hair extensions and authentic Remy human hair extensions behave differently, which is often seen in the texture of the hair. Remy hair extensions have more bounce and respond well to styling. They feel natural and soft to the touch.

Synthetic hair extensions are often silky to touch and do not feel or look natural.

Final word

This quick guide is designed to help you make better choices when you are shopping for hair extensions and to understand how to spot the best quality and value. Learning more about hair extensions is worth it. It is your hair, and you want to be able to look and feel your best without having to damage it. 

If you have any more questions, visit our Showpony online store for more information. There are many types of hair extensions, including at-home temporary methods like clip ins and the 3 in 1.