This Is Why You Should Stock Double Drawn Hair Extensions


Searching for hair extensions that deliver mega volume and lasting fullness? Look no further as we introduce you to the solution you've been waiting for: double-drawn hair extensions. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why supplying double-drawn hair extensions is perfect for anyone looking to boost their salon business and provide their clients with top-quality, envy-inducing tresses.

What are double-drawn hair extensions?

Double-drawn extensions have undergone a thorough selection and sorting process to ensure that the majority of hair strands collected are of the same length from root to tip. Unlike single-drawn hair extensions, which have a natural tapered shape and are thinner at the ends, double-drawn methods maintain a consistent thickness throughout their length. This creates a fuller and more voluminous look, making them a highly sought-after option, especially in hair extensions with higher density and weight — such as the weft and mini micro bead hair extensions

It is important to note that if you have a client with fine or extremely thin hair, double-drawn hair extensions may be too heavy for their hair to support, leading to potential damage and breakage of their natural locks over time. 

How double-drawn extensions are selected and processed 

From start to finish, creating double-drawn hair extensions involves a meticulous sorting and selection process. At Showpony, our processing method goes a little something like this: 

  • Hair selection 

At Showpony, our double-drawn hair extensions are made from the finest cuticle Remy A+ human hair, so it’s less prone to tangling, matting or shedding. Cuticle Remy hair is a type of human hair extension we ethically source from donors before carefully processing each strand to preserve its natural cuticles, keeping them aligned and intact. The cuticles run down every hair strand to create a smooth, glossy appearance that look like natural tresses — only better!

Our double-drawn extensions are not only ultra-soft and gentle on the scalp but contain an ethically sourced blend of 80% Indian hair for durability and 20% European hair for softness and silkiness.

  • Sorting 

Following the hair selection stage, we use a unique chemical process that involves the hair being gently lightened and coloured to our shade specifications. When treating human hair for extensions, we either use the single-drawn technique for tapes and clip-ons or the double-drawn method for our weft and mini micro bead extensions. Our extensions are available in various lengths and textures, making it easy for salons across the country to find the right fit for their clients. 

  • Wefting 

Once we’ve cured and sorted the hair, it’s securely attached to a weft, which can be done by hand-tying or machine wefting. This creates the final double-drawn hair extensions. 

The advantages of double-drawn hair extensions 

Stocked on the shelves of reputable salons nationwide, Showpony is the leading supplier of double-drawn hair extensions that offer fullness, thickness and luxurious volume. Wondering whether you should offer your client double-drawn extensions? Let’s run through the advantages of becoming a double-drawn hair extensions supplier:

  • Enhanced volume — Double-drawn hair extensions offer superior volume as they are made with hair strands of the same length. The consistent thickness from top to bottom adds fullness to the hair, resulting in a more luxurious, full and natural-looking appearance.
  • Length and density — Double-drawn hair extensions are carefully crafted to offer maximum hair density, so your clients can achieve a full and voluminous set that they can style up or down with heat tools.
  • Seamless blending — One of the major advantages of becoming a double-drawn hair extensions supplier is that this hair extension style blends with natural hair with ease. Since the extensions are made with aligned strands of hair, they provide a smooth transition from the client's natural hair to the hair extensions, remaining undetectable. 
  • Reduced tangling — While they still need to be maintained, double-drawn hair extensions are less prone to tangling than single-drawn hair extensions. With single-drawn extensions, the varying lengths of hair strands can easily intertwine and lead to tangling and matting. Double-drawn extensions eliminate this issue, resulting in easier long-term maintenance. 
  • Longevity — Showpony’s double-drawn hair extensions are made to the highest quality standards, following ethical and sustainable practices that help minimise our overall environmental impact. As a result, our extensions have an impressive lifespan and can maintain their natural shape, thickness, soft finish and effortless shine for months. This increases client satisfaction and reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving your clients money in the long run. Say goodbye to low-quality, weak and tangled hair extensions and hello to premium, durable and beautiful hair when you become a Showpony stockist and double-drawn hair extensions supplier. 
  • Versatility in styling — From long and wavy locks to a sleek updo, double-drawn hair extensions offer versatility. The consistent thickness from top to bottom allows various hairstyles, including updos, braids and voluminous curls. Becoming a double-drawn hair extensions supplier will give your hair stylists more options to work with, so they can create a range of unique and gorgeous looks for every client. 
  • Competitive advantage — Stocking double-drawn hair extensions or becoming a double-drawn hair extensions supplier gives your salon a competitive advantage. Not all salons offer this premium option, so you differentiate yourself from the competition by being one of the few.
  • Increased client demand — Double-drawn hair extensions have gained significant popularity in recent years, becoming the ideal option for clients who love mega volume and fullness. Clients are increasingly seeking hair extensions that provide maximum volume, length and density, so by supplying double-drawn hair extensions to your customers; you can meet the rising demand and attract more clients to your salon.
  • Easy to cut and blend — The consistent thickness throughout the length of double-drawn extensions makes them more manageable when it comes to cutting and blending them with your client’s natural tresses. While a skilled stylist will determine the best cutting method to ensure a flawless blend, some specialised tools and techniques can be employed to achieve the desired results while minimising any potential damage to the extensions.

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From providing lusciously long locks to adding fullness and volume to thinning areas and creating chemical-free colour and highlights without damage, offering your clients double-drawn hair extensions will enhance your salon's offerings and improve the overall customer experience. 

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