The Salon Guide To Applying Tape In Hair Extensions

Are you ready to take your hairstyling skills to the next level and learn the art of applying tape in hair extensions? Look no further than Showpony's hair extensions courses, designed to transform your salon experience and make your clients fall in love with their hair all over again. Whether you prefer in-salon training or the flexibility of online learning, we've got you covered!

In this blog, we’ll teach you the basics of tape in hair extensions application for a flawless look every time. 

How to install tape in hair extensions: Step-by-step

One of the most popular methods for adding volume and length to your client's hair is the tape-in hair extension technique. It's versatile, long-lasting and provides a natural look. Here’s how to get started: 

Step 1: Gathering your tools and materials

Before you dive into this exciting hair transformation, it's essential to have all your tools and materials ready to go. Here's what you'll need: tape-in hair extensions, sectioning clips, a rat-tail comb, tape-in extension tape, a fine-tooth comb, hair shears, a mirror and a trusty hair straightener.

Step 2: Preparing the client's hair

Begin by giving your client's hair some TLC. Start with a good wash and make sure it's thoroughly dry. Once that's done, section the hair horizontally, about an inch above the nape of the neck, and use those handy sectioning clips to keep the rest of the hair out of the way.

Step 3: Creating a secure base

Now, let's create a strong foundation for those fabulous extensions. Take a small section of your client's natural hair and give it a gentle tease near the roots. After that, place a piece of tape-in extension tape on top of the teased section. Don't forget to remove the protective backing from the tape to reveal the adhesive side.

Step 4: Applying tape in hair extensions

Time to work your magic! Sandwich a strand of your client's hair between two tape-in hair extensions. Make sure those extensions are hugging the natural hair securely. Give it a firm press down to lock those extensions in place.

Step 5: Blending and styling

To achieve a flawless look, it's time to blend and style. For straight hair, use your trusty hair straightener to blend the client's natural hair with the extensions seamlessly or comb out those lush curls. If necessary, trim the extensions to ensure they look natural and fabulous.

Tips for tape in hair extensions application and post-application care 

  • When selecting tape-in extensions, always go for a colour and texture that matches your client's hair. This ensures a beautiful, natural blend.
  • Remind your client to wait at least 48 hours before getting their hair wet to ensure their new look has time to set and seal!
  • Tell your clients to avoid using oils with their hair extensions. To maintain a strong adhesive bond, it's best to avoid applying hair oils near your scalp. 
  • Don't forget to remind your client to schedule regular maintenance appointments to reposition or replace extensions as needed.

Learn new skills with our exclusive Showpony hair extensions courses

Are you looking for professional guidance on how to improve your tape in hair extensions application? Showpony's classes are designed for everyone, from aspiring stylists to seasoned professionals looking to add a new skill set to their repertoire. Here’s what they cover:

  • Master the art of application Our classes cover everything from applying tape, weft and mini micro bead hair extensions. You'll gain the expertise needed to create beautiful and flawless extensions that your clients will love. 
  • Precision cutting and styling Not only will you learn how to install tape in hair extensions, but you'll also become a pro at cutting and styling them. Tailoring extensions to seamlessly blend with your client's natural hair is an art, and we're here to teach you top-tier techniques.
  • Advanced blending techniques Achieve undetectable blends with our advanced tape in hair extensions application methods. Your clients won't believe their eyes when they see how seamlessly their extensions integrate with their natural hair.
  • Mix and match methods — We encourage creativity! Learn how to mix different hair extension methods to create unique, personalised looks that'll have your clients raving about your expertise.
  • Market your business — At Showpony, we don't just focus on the art; we also help you market your salon business effectively. You'll acquire the skills needed to showcase your talents and attract a loyal clientele.
  • Profitable pricing strategies — It's not just about creating beautiful extensions; it's about running a profitable business. We'll guide you on pricing strategies that ensure you get the returns you deserve for your skills and effort.

Embrace flexible learning with Showpony’s online and in-salon courses 

At Showpony, we're passionate about helping hairstylists like you master the art of applying tape in hair extensions. Our courses are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge, hands-on experience and the confidence you need to create stunning hair transformations.

In-salon learning courses

If you thrive in a hands-on learning environment, our in-salon courses are the perfect fit for you. You'll have the opportunity to work closely with experienced instructors, learn the latest techniques and gain insights into the world of hair extensions. 

Online learning courses

For those with busy schedules or a preference for learning at their own pace, our online courses offer a convenient way to learn how to install tape in hair extensions. You'll have access to video tutorials, downloadable resources and a dedicated team to answer your questions. With Showpony's online courses, you can level up your skills from the comfort of your own home.

Preparing for your Showpany hair extension course

Our training sessions vary in duration from a couple of hours to a full day. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to refresh your or your staff's knowledge, polish their skillset and introduce new techniques for tape in hair extensions application for your customers. Some courses may require prior preparation, and others may involve the completion of previous units. 

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