Running A Hair Salon From Your Home? Here’s What You Should Know

Can I run a hair salon from my home


If you've ever asked yourself, ‘Can I run a hair salon from my home?’ the short answer is, yes, you can!

Home-based hair salons have many benefits, from flexible working arrangements to the reduced need to rent additional space. You can be your own boss and provide personalised and intimate customer experiences.

If you're considering running a hair salon from home, here are some valuable tips to kickstart your journey!

Consider space and logistics

Before anything else, assess the space you have. The type of treatments and services you can offer will ultimately depend on the available space in your home.

For instance, do you have the capacity to cater to colour services ? Do you mind using your personal bathroom to rinse your clients' hair? If not, you may want to stick with dry-cut services rather than colour jobs.

You also need ample space to provide comfortable seating for your clients. Otherwise, you must consider planning renovations or investing in space-saving solutions.

Understand your legal obligations

Running a home-based business doesn't exempt you from legal obligations. As a business owner, it's a must to comply with the relevant laws in your industry. 

  • Local zoning regulations
  • For instance, carefully review your local zoning regulations before transforming your home into a salon. These guidelines state whether your property can be used for commercial purposes. Consult your landlord or mortgage provider if you plan to renovate your space. Additionally, a trading permit must be acquired from your local planning officer or council.

  • Business name registration
  • One of the first things you'll do when starting a business is to register your business name. Before finalising it, you can use IP Australia’s free trade mark checker tool to see whether the brand name you want isn’t already registered. This prevents potential conflicts and legal headaches.

    Once you've chosen a name, you can register it online. However, registration alone doesn't guarantee protection against others who may use or misappropriate your business name. We recommend registering a trade mark with IP Australia to gain exclusive rights to use and licence your trademark.

  • ABN
  • Another critical step is to secure an Australian Business Number (ABN), a unique 11-digit number that recognises your operations as legitimate and credible. It's often a requirement when entering contracts, partnering with suppliers and claiming tax credits. You can apply for an ABN online.

  • Insurance
  • Insurance is another essential legal requirement. If you own valuable assets, such as inventory or equipment, obtaining the right business insurance coverage is vital to protect them against unforeseen incidents or losses.

    Build a reliable team

    Your staff is the heart and soul of your salon. The success of your salon will rely on your team's skills, dedication and character.

    Begin by choosing professionals who are not only talented but also passionate about their craft. Provide ongoing training opportunities for employees to hone their skills and stay current on the latest trends and techniques.

    If you're considering hiring more hairdressers, receptionists and beauticians, you must possess an Employment Contract with them. Get the terms of your staff's employment in writing to avoid issues or confusion.

    An Employment Contract will typically highlight the following:

    • Pay structure or rates
    • Employer obligations
    • Leave entitlements
    • Working hours and days
    • Employee duties and responsibilities
    • The process for termination of the contract 

    If you choose to hire employees, make sure to adhere to Australia’s Work Health and Safety laws. It’s your responsibility to provide a safe, secure and hazard-free working environment to your entire staff.

    A positive and supportive work environment is essential in any business. Promote a culture of honesty and continuous learning by encouraging your staff to share constructive feedback. Lastly, create a healthy work-life balance that gives employees ample time to rest and recharge.

    Spread the word about your business

    Most hairdressers get their customers through word-of-mouth referrals. That's why you shouldn't hesitate to ask existing clients to recommend you. You can also provide introductory offers to entice new customers to your business.

    Social media is a powerful (and free!) marketing tool you can use to increase brand awareness and connect with potential leads. Set up a Facebook and Instagram business page to share with clients, friends and loved ones. Ensure your address and contact details are visible on your social media channels and repeatedly mentioned in your posts.

    Potential customers want to see you in action, so post many images and videos that showcase your skill set. Consider posting reels, which are shareable, easy-to-digest videos that tell your audience everything they need to know about your business within seconds.

    Ultimately, when it comes to social media marketing, remember consistency is key! Post regularly so potential leads know your business is active. In today's fast-paced digital world, customers expect speedy service, so promptly respond to inquiries, comments and mentions. Timely responses show that you value your customers' input and prioritise their concerns.

    Get the training and support you need from Showpony

    As with any business, running a hair salon from home requires consistent effort, dedication and a willingness to learn.

    At Showpony, we believe that education and training are key to running a successful hair salon. Besides providing premium hair extensions to stock your salon, we offer training workshops and marketing support proven to promote client retention and revenue growth. 

    Our industry professionals will train your team on basic application, cutting methods and advanced styling techniques. We'll equip your staff with the tools and knowledge to confidently use our range of hair extensions, including tape-ins, microbeads, wefts and skin weft hair extensions.

    Now that we’ve answered your question, ‘Can I run a hair salon from my home?’ Rely on our seasoned team to guide you through every step, from handling client bookings to promoting your salon and providing post-treatment hair care advice. 

    To learn more about our training services and premium wholesale hair extensions, contact our team at +61 7 5522 0488. You can also book a training session here. We'll empower your staff and set your business up for success!