Why Choose Showpony 20-Inch Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Why choose Showpony 20-inch mini micro bead hair extensions? The answer is simple: you will love them!

These hair extensions are the perfect choice for those who wish to add extra length and a lot of volume to their hair with the most flexible feel.  

This type of hair extension is suited to medium hair textures.

These extensions must be applied professionally, which is worth it and here’s why! Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions are the smallest available. They are made from the finest quality double drawn hair, luxuriously thick through to the ends. The Showpony Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions range features a durable silicone tip and are reusable, giving you longevity.

Another great thing about these hair extensions is you can change your natural hair colour without colouring your hair. You can wear them again and again. Here is what you should know about them. 

Who Are Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions For

Mini Micro bead hair extensions have gained a lot of popularity. Women love them as they are natural to wear and move with ease for that swingy naturally long hair feel. These hair extensions are attached with a bead and are undetectable.

These Showpony hair extensions are one of a kind. 


About Showpony Hair Extensions

Showpony hair extensions are revolutionising the way extensions are worn today. Our hair extensions are different from the others because they have several unique features, making them attractive and premium quality. 

The 20-inch mini micro bead extensions are applied with micro-beads. The hair extensions look natural because they are 100% Remy. Our special blend is 80% Indian and 20% European human hair. You can style them anyway you want from a high fashion pony tail, an up do, sleek and straight, glamour or beachy waves!

How Long Are the 20-Inch Hair Extensions

If you've never had the pleasure of wearing our mini micro bead hair extensions, you will need to know where the 20-inch hair extensions fall on the body of people with average height. Generally, their length can reach below the bust area, making these extensions ideal for those with medium to long hair.

Showpony has three lengths of hair extensions, 14”, 20” and 24”. You can choose the length based on your preference and hair length. But if you want to make your hair look fuller, choose two inches within the natural length of your hair. 

How to Wear Hair Extensions

Generally, salon professional use a few different methods to applying hair extensions. The three most common are tape, mini micro rings, and weft. sewing in, and tape in. 

The mini micro bead application is safe because the application does not have to use heat or glue, allowing you to reuse and move up your 20-inch weft hair extensions. 

Final word

Showpony's 20-inch mini micro bead hair extensions are made from the highest quality human hair  and you can wear them for an extended period. It is possible to make a fashion statement or add a fun twist to the hair. 

Now that you know what the 20-inch Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions can do, finding a style that compliments your natural hair colour, texture, and hairline will be easier. Wearing these kinds of extensions is the perfect way to change your appearance, and it can quickly give you the hair you have always wanted.