When to Use Weft Hair Extensions

Single weft hair extensions are trendy, but are these the best choice for your hair?

When it comes to your hair, you only want the best hair extensions. No one wants to cause unnecessary damage to their hair, especially if your hair is fine, thinning or slow-growing. If you have these issues, buying the right hair extensions is very important. After all, adding hair extensions is a great way to enhance your look and boost your confidence. 

But if you choose the wrong hair extension method, it can damage your natural hair and be a costly experience. That is why it's a good idea to go back to the essentials. Know your hair and the type of hair extensions best suited to your hair type.

What is a Weft Hair Extension

The Weft is a hair extension with a band across the top where the hair strands are attached or stitched. The weft has become increasingly popular around the world. 

A professional stylist fits the Weft hair extension as this is a permanent method performed at a certified hair extension salon. Like all high-quality hair extensions, it's an investment in you, and you will want to ensure you get what you want. 


Weft hair extensions are a good choice if you don't like temporary extensions, such as the clip ins or 3 in 1 type. Wefts are the kind that are stitched in, behaving like your own hair. 

But this perk can be a disadvantage if you grow tired of your weft, as you will require a hair extension specialist to remove the weft expertly. 

The maintenance will require you to book your appointment to have your hairstylist move up the weft hair extension. You must commit to this to maintain how your hair extensions will look and behave for you. 

Because of this, when choosing a weft hair extension, make sure to select the colour that looks good in your hair; a salon professional will guide you to determine what's best. When you have the right fit, you will enjoy the benefits of added volume and length. Weft hair extensions have two major types: single and double drawn.

Single or Double Drawn Weft Hair Extensions

The single drawn weft refers to what is essentially one length of naturally tapered hair, usually 20" in length. Although most hair extensions add hair volume, not everyone wants too much hair. This is why the single drawn weft is popular. 

Single weft hair extensions are available in different styles, colours, and lengths, making them a perfect option for styling. It is best to buy a hair extension made from real human hair for a more natural look if that's the look you're going for. 

Some people, especially those with thicker hair types, may want to wear hair extensions, but not so much for additional volume, often to add colour. Because of this, single weft hair extensions are great for those who want to play it safe when it comes to adding hair volume or colour to their hair. 

Double drawn weft-hair extensions provide double the hair, which is for the customer who wants more and thicker hair to the tips. Double weft extensions add thickness and are best for those who want to add serious volume to their hair. 

Expect to pay more of the double drawn weft as it's double the hair. 

These extensions add to the different varieties of hair extensions to meet the market's diverse needs - hair extensions made from high-grade human hair blend effortlessly with your natural hair. You can also style them like your actual hair, unlike the synthetic type that won't handle heat styling so well.

Single weft hair extensions are cheaper than double weft hair extensions. It's understandable, though. 

Last Word 

There are a variety of hair extensions available today to meet the diverse needs of various customers. Because of this, whether you have fine, medium or thicker hair, there is the right extension for you. 

If you have thick hair but still longing to experience wearing hair extensions, go for the single weft. It is increasingly becoming popular because of what it can do for that thick mane. Aside from the price being cheaper than the double or multiple-layered options, they can still help you get the hairstyle you want.

If you are looking for single weft hair extensions, visit the Showpony online store and choose the best style for your hair.