Tape Hair Extensions: What You Need to Know First Before Buying

Are you looking for hair extensions that can totally transform your look? Don’t know the true potential of what hair extensions can do for you? Why not consider Showpony tape hair extensions ✨

Tape hair extensions are the secret to the changing hairstyles of celebrities and models; and the good news is they are available to everyone! Get the look and inspo from hairstyles seen on Kylie Jenner, JLo, and Beyonce. 

But, when it comes to tape hair extensions, you probably ask yourself, "Are tapes the right hair extensions for me?" You have the right to ask, especially if it is your first time using them. 

Tape hair extensions are a semi-permanent method, and we understand that you want to know the perks and downsides before committing to an application.  

Photo credit: Kevin.Murphy

Hair by: Marianne Jensen using Showpony Hair Extensions

What Are Tape Hair Extensions?

Tape hair extensions are semi-permanent and the best choice if you want your fabulous new hair to last for two months or more. It consists of a hair weft at the base with a non-toxic, medical-grade adhesive tab that is gentle on the scalp and natural hair.

Tape hair extensions are also cost-effective. Care for them, remove them, reuse them – it's up to you!

Although tape hair extensions are practical to use, you want to make sure you wear them correctly. After all, you're aiming to get that celebrity hairstyle look! You also do not want to damage your natural hair and scalp. Read on to find out what you should and shouldn't do when using tape hair extensions.

Dos and Don'ts with Tape Hair Extensions


Have a Professional Hairstylist Apply Them For You

Never attempt to apply the tape hair extensions yourself. Always contact your stylist or Showpony Customer Service Team for a consultation to find the correct hair extensions suited to your hair type. Ensuring a Showpony authorised salon do it for you will give you the best results. Professionally trained hair stylists are knowledgeable and know where and how to correctly place the tapes to help you achieve the hair you’re longing for.  

Use Showpony Hair Care Products

The Showpony Hair Care range contains products specially formulated to be used with Showpony Hair Extensions. Our shampoo and conditioner is oil and silicone-free and guarantees against slippage in tape hair extensions for 4-6 weeks.

When using the Strength & Shine Conditioner, be sure to apply products to the mid lengths and ends of your hair only.

Use Low Heat When Styling

Whether you’re straightening or adding in a few bouncy curls, ensure the heat is set to below 180 degrees to avoid damaging the hair. We also recommend using a good quality heat protectant spray!

Schedule maintenance every 4-6 weeks

Keep your locks happy and healthy and book in with your stylist every 4-6 weeks for a fresh re-tape! Your stylist with safely dissolve and remove the tape hair extensions, bring the hair extensions up towards your scalp and apply new tape adhesive. Stunning!


Colour Your Tape Hair Extensions At Home 

Please, never colour your tape hair extensions yourself at home. Instead, take a little more time to get expert advice to help you pick the colour that is the closest to your natural hair colour with the colour you desire.

If you decide to have your hair extensions coloured, we urge you to see a professional stylist! They will advise you if the colour you are wanting is achievable, or you may consider a second set of hair extensions to get the variation of colour.

Attempt to Remove Your Tape Hair Extensions At Home

If you no longer wish to have your tape hair extensions in or want to change up your look with a choppy bob, simply book in to see your stylist!

Showpony have a range of in-salon products available for your stylist to remove your tape hair extensions and any remaining residue safely and easily. 

Dos and Don'ts of Washing Your Hair Before and After Tape Hair Extension Application


Ensure Your Hair is Squeaky Clean Before Your Appointment

It's best to apply tape hair extensions after washing your hair. This removes any dirt or nasties that might get trapped when applying the tape adhesive.

Avoid Colouring and Styling Your Hair For a Few Days After Application   

You are free to style or colour your hair as much as you want. Just wait at least 3 days after installing the hair extensions. Waiting is crucial if you want to strengthen the hair extension bonds to your natural hair. 


Apply Hair Products Before Applying Tape Hair Extensions

Do not use any hair products on your hair before applying tape hair extensions, especially any oil based products. This includes hair treatments and dyes. 

Wash Your Hair Daily

After applying your tape hair extensions, you shouldn't wash your hair every day. It will weaken the adhesives, causing the tape hair extensions to slip and shorten the hair extensions’ longevity. Limit washing your hair to two to three times per week. 

Dos and Don'ts of Removing and Reusing Tape Hair Extensions


Use a Tape Remover for the Hair

When visiting your stylist for a tape hair extension removal, ensure they are using a gentle tape remover to soften the bonds of the adhesives. We recommend Showpony Tape Remover to be the best and safest option!

Apply a Conditioning Mask

After removing the tape hair extensions, use a conditioning mask to rehydrate your hair and make it look as good as new. 

Remove the Old Adhesive

Even if the old adhesives are still sticky, it's best your stylist removes them completely and re-tapes your hair extensions using new adhesive tabs. We know it can be difficult to remove sticky residue, which is why we recommend your stylist uses a Residue Remover to get the hair clean.


Use a Hair Tape Remover Containing Strong Chemicals

Some tape hair extension removers contain acetone and alcohol. We urge you not to use these kinds of tape removers as they can damage the hair and scalp.

Pro tip: Look for an oil-based product instead.

Final Word

Tape hair extension are one of the most popular methods of hair extensions, and rightfully so! They are practical to use and can enhance your looks, covering thin areas of hair, add chemical-free colour, and boost your confidence.

To make the most out of your tape hair extensions, know what to do and what not to do when applying, washing, and reusing them. Shop our collection of tape hair extensions and transform your look today.