Style Secrets: Why You Should Get Temporary Hair Extensions

Are you aching for fuller, thicker, longer hair? Wish you could fill in those hard-to-grow areas or add some colour without the commitment?

These are just some of the most common reasons women are loving temporary hair extensions and why their popularity is now soaring across the globe.  

Temporary hair extensions give you the freedom to elevate your look in minutes. They can be applied and styled for your next cocktail party or added as an everyday enhancement to your natural hair. Our 3in1 Hair Extension is super versatile, and the best part – it's so easy to style, just like real hair! But what are the other benefits and advantages temporary hair extensions can give you? 

If you’ve never worn temporary hair extensions before, you may be questioning whether or not you need them in your life. So, we’ve created the top 5 reasons why you’ll love Showpony hair extensions. Everyone’s hair needs and concerns are different, and we understand the importance of finding hair products that are right for you! But before heading on to our list, let's find out more about temporary hair extensions.

What are Temporary Hair Extensions?

Our ready to wear hair extensions, which come in a variety of natural-looking colours, are designed to quickly transform your look and empower you to look and feel beautiful. Our range includes two temporary methods – the 3in1, which can be worn as a halo, ponytail, or a one-piece clip in, and the 7-piece Clip Ins set.

Photo by Chelsea Hairdressing. Hair by Peter Thomsen. 

We use high-quality 100% Remy A+ human hair, with the hair's cuticle intact and aligned to ensure a natural look. And most importantly, we assure you that our high-quality products are ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured. 

Top 5 reasons why women love temporary hair extensions

  1. Longer Hair: Probably the number one reason women opt to have temporary hair extensions is to get that instant length. Because there will be those days where you want your hair to grow inches, like magic! And some women often struggle to grow their hair when it reaches a certain length.

The best solution to achieve that long hair you've dreamed of is to clip in some beautiful extensions. Our temporary hair extensions deliver 20” of hair goals, every time.

  1. Added Volume: Not all of us are blessed with thick hair, and adding volume to our hair using temporary hair extensions is one of the most sought advantages for women. This is excellent news for you sis! Perfect for those who are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, or just naturally have thin hair.

Temporary hair extensions can restore some of that volume you've been missing. While boosting your confidence and making you feel glamorous at the same time!

  1. Show Your True Colours: Colouring your hair can be scary for some as it can result in irreversible damage if not correctly applied or applied too often. This is where temporary hair extensions save the day! One great advantage of our extensions, and one many forget about, is that you can achieve the colour that you want without damaging your natural hair and scalp. Not to mention it’s commitment free, for those who like to switch things up often!

Hair extensions give you the freedom to be creative and stylish when playing with colour. If you do decide to colour your extensions, we highly recommend going to a professional hairstylist.

We also recommend getting a temporary hair extension that looks lighter than your natural hair (one to two shades up). Do an up-do hairstyle, curl it, braid it, create an illusion of highlights – stunning!

  1. Style and Versatility: Temporary hair extensions are suited for any style and will definitely help when it comes to experimenting with new looks. This may be the finishing touch to a look you've been experimenting with for a while. 

They're a favourite accessory of many for special occasions like weddings and parties when you want to add a bit of extra glam but don't want to spend the extra money each time. Or use them as your everyday go-to item to amplify your style. You can easily change it up each morning without spending hours in front of your mirror.

  1. Empowerment and Confidence: Finally, the biggest reason women are crazy about temporary hair extensions is the confidence that comes with them! Having a great hair day means having a great day for most of us and empowering us to face all our challenges confidently!  


Any good hair day is a good day! No matter how you style your temporary hair extensions, you’ll look fabulous wearing Showpony. Shop the collection online today and take advantage of our Buy Now, Pay Later payment options.