Step-by-step guide for a classic blowout look

Nothing beats that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ feeling. The bounce, the volume, the shine — oh my! So we’ve put together our step-by-step guide to creating a banging blowout look from home, for those days between appointments when you’re looking for something a little extra.

All about that prep

Just like your day at the salon, the best DIY blowout starts with a thorough shampoo and condition. Our Showpony Hair Extension Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioners are oil and silicone-free, and are designed to prevent your hair extensions from slipping in the first 4-6 weeks. It’s a great idea to end your shampoo with a conditioner (we love Showpony Strength and Shine Conditioner). It fully hydrates the hair, making it super manageable and ready for that post-blowout glow. 

Protect and prime

Once you’re done at the basin, gently towel-dry your hair and then comb through any knots with a wide-toothed comb. Using a heat protectant spray is an important part of heat styling.

Head down, dryer up

Whatever you do, don’t attempt to start the blowout while your hair is still wet. Flick your hair upside down and do a freestyle blow dry from the roots until it’s nearly dry. This will give you a head start on volume and reduce the chance of breakage.
Getting too dizzy? You can stand upright and just shake your hair with your hands as you blow dry.


Brush and roll

Use Showpony Sectioning Clips to separate your hair into small sections (the smaller the section you have to work with, the more effective and polished your blowout will be). Using a round hairbrush, take each section and pull the brush from root to tip — keeping the dryer level with the brush throughout. Repeat on the same section of hair until it’s fully dry. Always dry towards the ends, drying up from the brush will create flyaways!

V for Velcro … and volume

Work your blowout from back to front. When you get to the front and face-framing sections, we recommend using large velcro rollers to really give your blowout the pow-factor! As you finish the brush and roll on these sections, use the rollers and roll the hair away from the face and fasten with a bobby pin. Warm them up with the hair dryer, before blasting your roots with the cool setting. This locks in the look and your moisture, helping to give that incredible shine we mentioned.

Step back and admire your handiwork

Gently pull out your velcro rollers in the direction of your hair and run your fingers through your newly washed, freshly blown out, majestic crown. Then enjoy the confidence of having magazine-worthy tresses (without even leaving the house).

How did you do? We’d love to see your Showpony styles, so be sure to tag us on Instagram using @ShowponyHairExtensions