The new My Hair, My Way campaign is our most diverse editorial offering yet, paying homage to individual beauty and shifting the perception of hair extensions once again.

At Showpony, we are inspiring the industry to conceptualise the endless possibilities of hair extensions. As an Australian, environmentally conscious and inclusive brand, we offer high-standard, premium cuticle Remy A+ grade hair extensions and take great care to source only the finest, ethically-sourced hair. This campaign shows off our covetable, versatile new range.

The campaign presents a diverse approach, with a collection designed for clients of all ages and hair types. The collection allows for this individuality with an expanded range of 14” lengths for shorter styles, three natural-looking grey shades and highly-coveted new curly and wavy textured hair extensions.

“The concept behind this campaign is to be inclusive of all our customers – we are proud to provide beautiful, premium products of the highest quality to suit people of all ages and all hair types,” said Showpony Founder and Global President Stephanie.

“We want to give our customers the option to wear and style their hair how they want, to push the boundaries, and express themselves to be who they truly want to be.”

“As a company, we are always focusing on adapting to the latest trends and remaining at the forefront of the newest technologies, which begins with listening to what the market and our customers want,” Stephanie added.

The collection was photographed by renowned photographer Andrew O’Toole and will debut at Hair Festival 2023, followed by the official launch of the new products in July 2023 rolling out across 23 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the USA, and the UK.

“The new curly and wavy hair textures and grey shades allow our salon partners to accommodate each and every potential hair extension client that walks through the salon door. These products have been highly requested for a long time, and we are so excited to be able to provide our distributors, loyal salon partners, and their clients with a beautiful and inclusive range in a selection of new and best-selling shades,” Stephanie said.

“We are here to open your mind to the endless possibilities of hair extensions, we are the solution-focused hair brand, and we are here to make the change.”

The brand is used and endorsed by leading industry talents including Belinda Mills of Pipsqeek in Saigon, Peter Thomsen of Chelsea Hairdressing and Caterina Di Biase of Heading Out Hair, speaking to its power editorially and in salon.

Showpony is now available in 23 countries around the world, having experienced immense growth since launching in 2009. The brand partners with carefully selected distribution and salon channels around the world, with further expansion in the works.

Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Video: Chris Baker
Hair: Marie Cain
Makeup: Kylie O’Toole
Styling: Emily Ward