Myth Debunked: Can You Swim With Your Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions?

Whether you're by the pool with a cocktail, on a hot summer getaway, or just taking a dip in your pool, swimming is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. It's something that you should enjoy without worrying if it will damage your natural hair or, in this case, your newly fitted mini micro bead hair extensions.

Many professionals say that your hair is vulnerable to breakage and damage, especially when wet. This also applies to hair extensions, such as tape and mini micro bead extensions. But does this mean that you should sacrifice swimming for looks? Is it true that you cannot swim when you have hair extensions?

The answer is no! The old saying, "You cannot swim when you have hair extensions" is not true at all. Read on and find out why and how you can enjoy your trip to the beach without damaging your mini micro bead hair extensions.

First of all, you should know what mini micro bead hair extensions are. To make our mini micro bead hair extensions, we use Remy A+ hair, which is 100% human hair. This is then attached to strands of your natural hair using small, inconspicuous beads. Your hair is then clamped into position, sitting flat against your scalp and providing stunning volume and length. There is no harmful equipment involved, but it’s essential to have this done by a professional stylist.

How does swimming damage or affect my hair?

To completely debunk this myth, let’s discuss it some more. We’ll be honest, swimming does have the potential to affect both your natural and mini micro bead hair extensions if you don't follow a good hair care routine. Whether in the pool or the ocean, saltwater and chlorine can be harsh on any part of your body!

Chlorine and saltwater dehydrate your hair and remove moisture, making it prone to breakage. Unlike your natural hair, extensions don't get the same nourishment and natural oils that keeps your hair moisturised – making your hair extensions vulnerable to more prolonged dryness and breakage. But don’t worry, there’s an easy way around it!

Pre-wash it 

Wet your hair with clean water and apply your favourite conditioner to serve as a protective wall against harsh elements when swimming. This will also keep your mini micro bead hair extensions from getting in contact with any excess lotions or sunblock. Ensure that you use conditioners free from Argan oil, sulphate, parabens, and alcohol. We recommend always using Showpony Strength & Shine Conditioner. 

Don't let your hair down

The easiest way to protect your hair extensions when swimming is to style your hair before jumping in the water.

There are several hairstyles you can rock, giving you a great beach vibe look. We highly recommend a low plait or braid, so easy to do and gentle on your hair when it gets wet and a little heavier. It's important to ensure that your hair is not left down to float around in the water. This will eventually result in matting and can be a long and annoying process to get silky and straight again!


After your dip, don't go straight into the shower just yet. Untangle those stubborn knots by brushing your hair thoroughly with a bristle Paddle Brush or a soft rounded, broad tooth comb before washing and conditioning.

Wash your hair

After you've finished brushing your mini micro bead hair extensions, shampoo and condition your hair as quickly as possible to eliminate sand, dead skin cells, body oil, dust and pollutants, using a cleansing shampoo that will help restore much-needed moisture after swimming. 

Bring out your beach hat

Use a sun hat or a stylish bandana to protect your hair and scalp from harsh elements, whether you're out in the sun or at the beach. This will also keep your extensions from drying out and fading in the sun. Hats also keep sand and other natural debris from getting into your extensions' attachments.

Finally, as you now know, swimming will not leave significant damage to your mini micro bead hair extensions and shouldn’t be avoided. Get out and enjoy that hot girl summer!

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