Must-have's for epic extension looks

Watch any Hollywood movie and you know every star needs a supporting role by their side. While Showpony hair extensions are sure to give you that A-lister look, we recommend trying these must-have tools to make sure your style is truly red carpet worthy.


The right hair care

Just like the best make-up looks need well-cared for skin, the best hair extension styles need healthy and well-maintained locks. We’ve specially formulated the oil and silicone-free Showpony Hair Extension Maintenance Shampoo to cleanse your hair and extensions, without the risk of causing slippage to permanent hair extensions for 4-6 weeks. We’ve also got the Showpony Hair Extension Conditioner to enhance shine, softness and hydration. Our loyal users swear by these products — whether they have extensions in or not!


A routine fit for a princess

To look like the Queen you are, you need to treat yourself like one. Nothing beats having a silk pillowcase as part of your luxe bedtime set-up, with the smooth texture reducing friction on your hair overnight, meaning less split ends, tangles, and bed hair. There is only one golden rule to this royal treatment — never go to bed with wet hair.

The perfect paddle brush

An epic ‘do starts with detangled and lush hair, which starts with a good quality brush. Our Showpony Paddle Brush is a saviour when detangling hair, and is specially-designed to suit hair extensions. The paddle brush also helps to increase circulation to the scalp, promoting hair growth! The best part: We include a Showpony Mini Paddle Brush in each of our Hair Extension Box Sets. 

Sectioning clips

Whether you are using clip-in extensions, positioning your halo extension, or simply styling your tresses, you can simply not have too many sectioning clips. We use our own Showpony strong hold Sectioning Clips to secure the individual sections of hair when doing serious styling business.


Hot tools

You don’t think we could talk about hair extensions without mentioning hot tools? Whether you’re a mermaid waver, a curly girl, or a straighty 180, electrical hair appliances are essential to giving your hair a polished and ‘done’ finish. These days, we are all about the classic blow out look, which balances volume with super shine. For a super shortcut to a salon-look blowdry, try Hot Tools Australia’s Black Gold Volumiser One-step Blowout Classic. It’s a brush and a blow dryer in one, swoon!




A suite of styling products

Don’t make your hair do all the work, having the right products in your line-up does so much of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating incredible hair looks. We love volumising dry shampoos (to help stretch your hair to only twice-weekly washes) and a texturising powders to give you va-va-voom volume and hold your style in place.


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