How to Choose Your Tone of Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions made from human hair can change your look and boost your confidence. They make it possible for you to get the hairstyle you want without waiting for your hair to grow.

There are endless varieties available with differing qualities, colours and shade selections. This can makes the selection challenging, unless you can name the actual colour of your hair.

For many of us who are not professional stylists or artists, we don't know the exact colour of our hair. We can only compare and look for the closest match, but sometimes it still isn't a perfect match.

What if you’ve bought blonde human hair extensions that don't quite match with your natural hair colour? What should you do to change your hair extensions’ tone without causing much damage to your beautiful new hair? 

Can You Colour Human Hair Extensions?

Compared to synthetic hair, extensions made from human hair are much more versatile. You can style them in any way you want, but it doesn't mean that you can easily change the colour. Hair extensions undergo a careful process of hair colouring to achieve the desired shade and tone.

We recommend you avoid applying colour to your hair extensions. Instead, take a little more time to get expert advice to help you pick the colour that is the closest to your natural hair colour with the colour you desire.

If you decide to have your hair extensions coloured, we urge you to see a professional stylist! They will advise you if the colour you are wanting is achievable, or you may consider a second set of hair extensions to get the variation of colour.

Adding Blonde Hair Extensions to Your Natural Colour 

For best results, it's best to know your natural hair first. For example, if you're going to add a few highlights, you need to know the base colour of your natural hair colour. What effect are you wanting to achieve? Is it to add warm, cool or neutral tones?

If your natural hair has highlights already, you may want to add a slightly different tone to add more dimension. This can make the hair look fuller and more abundant.

Deepening Blonde Hair Extensions 

If you want to tone your blonde hair extensions to reduce warmth or add golden hues this can be easy to do. A coloured conditioner can be added to your hair extension Strength & Shine Conditioner to give you a subtle shade enhancement. Speak with your stylist to understand if the product is likely to cause any issues with tape hair extensions that could void the warranty.

If you’re wanting more than a subtle tonal change, then see a salon professional and one who has experience in colouring hair extensions.

Colouring hair extensions requires knowledge and experience. Choose your stylist carefully.

Colour Blending with Hair Extensions

When colour blending, your hair will have dimension, lowlights, and highlights. This will provide a blended effect to your hair that looks natural, just as if your hair was kissed by the sun from an extended summer holiday.

The approach we recommend is to have two sets of complementary colours of hair extensions to blend with your natural colour. The two colours of extensions can be fitted one on top and the other underneath to give you a beautifully blended result.

There is no colouring required and your hair extensions will be in great condition, have longevity while adding the beautiful colour you desire.

Final Word 

Many people ask us how to change the tone of their blonde human hair extensions. It's easy to buy extensions that do not precisely match your hair colour, thinking they will look right in your hair. Natural hair colour has many different tones that make up the colour we see. Unless you know the exact name of your hair colour, buying the same match is challenging. 

Because of this, knowing in advance what can be done to customise the tone of your hair extensions is helpful. And if you have bought hair extensions that do not exactly match your hair colour, speak to your stylist or our Showpony Customer Service Team.

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