Hair Extension Myths Debunked

If you’ve ever turned to Google for guides and tips on hair extensions, we don’t doubt that the information you find can come across as confusing or overwhelming. There is a certain level of commitment that comes with hair extensions, but it’s not as scary as it may seem!

We're here to clear the air and provide you with the truth about some of the most common hair extension myths. We'll address all of your questions, from 'do hair extensions damage your hair?' to 'how do you keep extensions in excellent condition?' We guarantee that by the end, you'll love hair extensions as much as we do!

Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Damage? 

Let's start with one of the most prevalent misunderstandings. Do hair extensions destroy your hair? If we had a dollar for every time we were asked this question, we'd be as wealthy as Kylie Jenner. Hair extensions will not harm your hair if they are applied correctly and cared for.

When it comes to hair extensions, the first step is to book in for a consultation with a qualified and skilled hair stylist. Not only will they be able to apply the hair extensions correctly, but they can offer recommendations on what method is best suited to your hair type and goals. With the correct hair extensions and the correct application, you’re well on your way to achieving your dream hair 💗

Although the most common misperception about hair extensions has now been addressed, our myth-busting mission isn't yet complete. We need to fill you in on a few more misleading assertions that are circulating the internet — you'll thank us later!

Hair Extensions Blend Naturally 

We've all seen our fair share of questionable hair extension photographs published on social media, and it’s often a failed colour match in question. This blunder is often due to not consulting with a qualified stylist or attempting to use low-cost extensions.

You will achieve a natural-looking, smooth blend when you choose Showpony hair extensions from an authorised Showpony stockist salon. Your stylist will spend time during your consultation getting to know your hair and your desired style. The hair extensions will then be colour-matched and prepared in time for your next appointment. To achieve natural results, each piece will be placed carefully, following your natural hair flow. Even your closest friends and family won't be able to tell your wearing extensions!

Hair Extensions and Headaches

Hair extensions should not cause headaches, and if they do, it's most likely because you haven’t applied your clip ins correctly or your hair extensions weren't fitted properly. 

Showpony clip ins come with 7 pieces of hair, providing versatility and instant volume and length. Although we do love a full glam look, it’s important to know what’s suited to your unique head of hair. We recommend starting your clip in application using the bigger pieces and working your way through the set until you reach your desired thickness. If your hair extensions are too heavy for your hair, it can create some discomfort.

Hair Extensions Are Safe

Showpony hair extensions are completely saft to use and will not damage your natural hair when applied by a professional stylist and cared for correctly. Take the time to find and consult with a reputable stylist, and your hair will not become damaged, brittle, broken, or thin; it will stay as healthy as it has always been!

Hair Extensions Shouldn’t Tangle Easily  

Of course, added thickness and length will require a little extra attention, but with high quality Remy A+ hair extensions like Showpony, you don’t need to stress about constant tangling unless you fail to properly care for them. This is because the cuticle is aligned, making the hair smooth to touch, easy to manage, and less likely to tangle.

Maintenance Is Easy

If you ask us for our most crucial hair extension advice, we'll always tell you not to skip your maintenance appointments with your stylist! We recommend visiting the salon every 4 to 6 weeks to have your permanent hair extensions moved up so they remain close to the scalp. This will ensure they stay in good condition, last as long as possible, and don’t damage your natural hair.

Wash Your Hair Extensions

Always follow your stylist’s advice and use only the products they recommend. If you’re unsure which products work best with Showpony hair extensions, check out our recommended hair care range. For beautiful results, conditioner should only be used on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, while shampoo can be used on the entire head including the roots. If you apply too much conditioner to your roots, your extensions may start to slip or become loose. 

We hope that we have given you an honest look into the world of hair extensions and answered all of your questions. Treat your hair extensions with the same love and care as you would your own hair. Use a moisturising mask if it's looking a little dull, and revel in having hair that will make your besties swoon!