Finding The Perfect Colour to Match Your Hair

The key to having beautiful hair and natural-looking hair extensions is to match the colour of your own hair to the hair extensions as closely as possible to create a flawless finish. So, how can you match hair extensions to your natural colour? And what's the best way to blend hair extensions with your natural hair? 

Photo: Hair by Peter Thomsen. Model wears Skin Weft Tapes in Light Bronde Highlight.  

We've put together a helpful guide to explain how you can find the perfect match for your hair. 

Always Match The Ends  

The best way to match your hair extensions to your natural hair is to focus on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. This will help to blend with your natural hair as it will be less noticeable, even if your roots are a little darker than your hair extensions.

You can also book in to see your hairstylist and ask to tone the roots of your natural hair to match your hair extensions. This will significantly benefit those who have ombre hair or darker roots. It isn’t a necessity, but if you are blonde with dark roots, it's highly advisable. 

Go Lighter If You Are Unsure

Torn between two colours and not sure which tone would be best? We recommend choosing the slightly lighter shade of the two. If needed, it will be a lot easily for your stylist to tone your hair extensions to a darker colour rather than lightening.

We do not recommend colouring Showpony Hair Extensions, however, if you choose to do so we recommend this only be performed by a professional stylist. Please keep in mind that colouring your hair extensions will void the warranty.

Utilise Natural Light

Good lighting is a must when colour matching your hair! The easiest way to do this is to find some natural light near a window, but not in the direct sunlight.

Match Your Skin Tone

Matching your hair to your skin tone is essential for picking the appropriate colour of hair extensions. Many people make the mistake of thinking that all colours would suit all skin tones, such as platinum complementing lighter tones or darker tones complementing richer, warmer tones. It's easiest to figure out your undertone by looking at what jewellery you like. If you prefer to wear silver, your undertone is likely to be cool. If gold is your style, your undertone is more likely to be warm. Don’t resonate with either? Then your tone could be described as neutral.  

Another thing to think about is the colours of the garments you wear regularly. If you like orange, yellow, red, or rusty colours, warm tones like golden brown, ginger blonde, or golden blonde will suit you. Cooler tones like platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, or jet black are better matches if you prefer green, royal blue, or hot pink hues.

Finally, hair extensions, just like natural hair, require love and attention to remain gorgeous and healthy. Hair extensions lack natural oils to keep their appearance glossy and vibrant. It's important to only apply salon-recommended hair care products and treatments that will help your hair extensions colour last longer and shine brighter.

Need help? 

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