Complete 101 Guide: Ponytail Hair Extensions

Designed to add thickness, length and volume, ponytail hair extensions will take your mane from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Gone are the days of dull, limp and lacklustre ponytails. With just a few thick strands, you can say hello to a bouncy and voluminous ‘do that can be styled in a high, low or braided ponytail.

For seamless application and a gorgeous finish, we’ve put together a practical guide that’ll show you how to attach ponytail hair extensions and how to use ponytail hair extensions if you have short, thin or wispy locks. 

How to attach ponytail hair extensions — a step by step guide 

  1. Brush your natural hair with a comb to ensure all tangles are removed before tying your hair into a high pony at the crown of your head. Position your ponytail slightly higher than you intend to wear it and secure your mane with a hair tie.

  2. Grab your ponytail extension and use a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush to
    detangle any knots.

  3. Once you have brushed through your ponytail extension, slide the comb underneath your hair tie and wrap the velcro base around your natural ponytail until it’s tightly secured.

  4. Cover the base of your ponytail and conceal the hair tie by wrapping a thick strand from your extension around the band. Use bobby pins or clips to secure the extensions in place for all-day-long wear. 

  5. Move your head from side to side to ensure the ponytail feels secure. If you plan on using a flat iron or curling iron, make sure it’s on low to medium heat below 180 degrees, and you spray a heat protectant before adding definition to your sleek or tousled pony.

  6. If you are hoping to create a voluminous, thick rope braid, secure your ponytail extension as usual, but split the hair into two equal sections and twist until your extensions have two long twists. Then wrap the twists around each other to create the desired finish. 

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to put a ponytail extension in short hair, it’s possible. Although many of us deal with thin, wispy and damaged locks, you can still experience the joys of a thick, luscious ponytail. The application process is exactly the same. However, take extra care when wrapping the extension around the hair tie to ensure it’s properly concealed. 

How to care for ponytail hair extensions  

To keep your ponytail extensions in healthy condition, hair extension care should be one of your top priorities. Salon experts recommend washing your extensions every 30 wears and only if there is a buildup of product that’s noticeable or tangling the style. When washing your hair extensions, use products free from alcohol and sulphates, along with a deep conditioning treatment that will restore the hair’s shine and moisture levels. If you feel as though the hair care products you use have made your extensions feel and look greasy, you can always improve problem areas with a few spritzes of dry shampoo. 

If you’re styling your ponytail with a flat iron or curling iron, ensure a low-heat setting as hot temperatures can damage the quality and longevity. After all-day-long wear, gently remove your ponytail extensions before neatly storing them in a box where there’s no room for tangling. 

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