Complete 101 Guide: Permanent Hair Extensions

If you’ve always dreamed of having thicker or longer hair for everyday styling and wear, permanent extensions are the perfect solution. You can wake up every day with the hair of your dreams, it’s that easy! So, how do permanent hair extensions work? Keep reading our complete guide to find out. 

What are permanent hair extensions? 

Unlike clip ins or halo hair extensions, which provide a temporary hairstyle solution to add volume, length, or dimensional colour, permanent hair extensions are designed to be worn and lived in. So you can wash and wear, sleep in and live your life, all with your lustrous locks! Permanent extensions come in a range of methods. Tape and skin weft extensions use non-toxic adhesives that bond gently to your natural hair. Mini micro beads are threaded into natural hair using small undetectable beads and durable silicone tip hair extension strands. Weft hair extensions are applied using micro beads or a safe sew-in method, offering a bespoke adhesive free option. 

How do permanent hair extensions work? 

For permanent hair extensions that use adhesive, each tape weft is a thin and undetectable weight that can be layered up close to the scalp to create natural-looking thick hair throughout your whole head. Wefts for tape and skin weft extensions are single drawn, which means they are slightly thinner and good for blending in finer hair types. They also give an incredibly natural, tapered look to the hair ends. 

Mini micro bead extensions are installed to very small pieces of hair using a silicone bead which is pressed flat to attach each piece. Mini micro bead extensions can only be installed in salons, and use a very small bead for an undetectable finish. Each weft is double drawn, creating a thicker look that is great for anyone who loves a blunt cut finish on their hair. 

Weft hair extensions can be installed by a professional stylist using micro beads or a safe sew-in method. Crafted from thick double density hair, the weft looks full and glamourous from root to tip — giving you both the volume and length of your dreams.

How long do permanent hair extensions last? 

Permanent hair extensions require in-salon maintenance every four to six weeks. With regular maintenance and the correct care, permanent hair extensions can be used for multiple installations. Mini micro beads and weft hair extensions are suitable for medium to thick hair types. Tape and skin weft tape extensions provide one of the most seamless effects and are great for women with finer hair.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you may need to get your permanent hair extensions replaced more frequently. If you do have fast-growing hair (lucky!), you may start to notice your ‘regrowth’ compared with the point at which your extensions have been installed. If you do notice significant hair growth, you’ll want to book a reinstallation appointment as soon as possible to avoid matting, tangling, and pressure on your new hair growth, which can cause breakage. We recommend seeing your stylist every four to six weeks to be safe.

How to care for permanent hair extensions?

Because you want permanent hair extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural growth and hold up during washing, styling and brushing, you should always choose 100% Remy human hair extensions. Synthetic hair is unnaturally shiny and won’t be able to handle heat styling, so it isn’t appropriate for permanent installations. 

With human hair extensions, it’s important to care for them as if they were your own hair. That means using an appropriate at-home cleansing shampoo and deep conditioner to maintain moisture and shine. If you aren’t ready for new extensions but feel your existing ones need a little pick-me-up, booking into your salon for a professional maintenance shampoo and condition is a great idea.

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