A Guide to Affordable Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are referred to as a permanent method. Performed by a professional stylist and with proper care, tape hair extensions will be a girl's best friend for 4 to 6 weeks. If you are searching for a quality product that gives you the look of hair you were born with, we recommend our beautiful range of tape hair extensions. 

Showpony Tape hair extensions are undetectable and discreet. Available in 14”, 20” and 24” lengths, they blend naturally with your hair – no one will even know you’re wearing them! The installation is done by a trained Showpony stylist, and it can be performed faster than a colour service, only taking between 15 minutes to one hour to complete. 

affordable tape-in hair extensions

Why you will love them

With the correct hair care routine, tape hair extensions can look incredible for four to six weeks. After 6 weeks, the tape hair extensions will then be removed, retaped, and refitted by your stylist.

When applied by a trained professional, tape hair extensions are a safe method to be put in and taken out and will not damage your natural hair. As they are made from 100% human hair, you can style them as you would style your own natural hair.

Tape hair extensions are the best solution for women with fine hair. They are applied using a non-toxic, medical grade adhesive. 

Tape hair extensions are lightweight. You do not have to worry about your hair being tugged or pulled. What makes these hair extensions even more impressive is that they are positioned close to the scalp, making them look natural and seamless.

Tape hair extensions are affordable and can re-used without replacing the hair. You also don’t always need to have a full head of hair extensions. Why not add a few highlights, create non-committal colour, fill in gaps for thinning hair, or add a little extra volume? Many women start with just a partial application initially.


Up styling with tape hair extensions 

Speak with your stylist about how you like to wear your hair. The application can be done so you can wear your hair in a high ponytail or up do. And it’s easy to wear your hair down or in a fashionable low ponytail or chignon.

Every four to six weeks the hair extensions will be moved up to maintain their natural looking appearance.

How to take care of your tape hair extensions 

To maintain the quality of your tape hair extensions, you must only use the recommended shampoo, conditioner and styling products. If you were to use other products you will risk your hair extensions slipping out. This is only a problem when ingredients in regular products interfere with the tape adhesive.

To keep your tape hair extensions looking their absolute best, shampoo as regularly as required and always follow with a conditioner to detangle and smooth the hair.

We recommend only using Showpony Maintenance Shampoo and Strength and Shine Conditioner. Our hair care range is specially formulated to be used with Showpony hair extensions and will ensure your extensions remain healthy and shiny. These products will also prevent slippage in the first 4-6 weeks from application. If you were to use other products you will risk your hair extensions slipping out. This is only a problem when ingredients in regular products interfere with the tape adhesive.

Our products are sulphate-free and contain no oil. If you apply a leave-in product, apply to the hair mid lengths to ends only. Tape Hair extensions are made from human hair, so they are also at risk of developing split ends and damage from heat styling. Use heat styling tools carefully and temperature controlled at 180 degrees with a heat protector product.

Avoid brushing your hair while it is wet, instead use a wide tooth comb to detangle.  Remove the excess moisture by carefully towel blotting the hair. Style the hair using a quality brush to create the style you are wanting to achieve. A quality Paddle Brush will smooth the hair to a beautiful finish.

How to remove tape hair extensions 

Always see a professional stylist to remove tape hair extensions. A professional stylist will gently remove them without causing any damage to your natural hair. When done by a professional, you may be able to use the hair extensions repeatedly.

Your stylist will use Showpony Tape Remover on the tape and then gently peel them away. The remover loosens the tape, allowing the extensions to slide off the hair without leaving a residue. The stylist will then use Showpony Residue Remover to remove any remaining residue on your natural hair. 

Are tape hair extensions worth it?

Tape hair extensions are perfect for women with finer hair type, or those who want just a little extra volume and length. The innovative design features slimline tape that blends flawlessly with natural hair.

Available in 25 colours, you are sure to find the perfect match!

Unsure what colour would suit you best? Call Showpony Customer Support on (+61) 7 5522 0488 to find your nearest Showpony salon and certified stylist.