3 Features of Realistic Hair Extensions

Natural Feel and Texture

Human and synthetic hair extensions are available in different styles, colours, and applications. Although the quality of synthetic hair varies, it tends to be less flexible even a little stiffer than human hair, and the texture is different. 

Because of this, synthetic hair extensions do not blend well with natural hair; sometimes, they feel too coarse or wiry, especially for finer hair types. Since natural hair extensions are made from human hair, they both look and feel natural, allowing them to blend well and look undetectable when they are fitted.

Durability and Quality

There are many downsides to synthetic hair extensions even though they are more affordable than human hair extensions. 

Synthetic hair is made from synthetic fibres and can be damaged easily by various factors, especially heat. Going out to enjoy the sun or using your favourite heat styler or curler is a no-no if you are wearing this kind of hair extension. 

Because of this, synthetic hair is likely to last for about for 2-3 months of regular wear. In contrast, natural – human hair extensions can last up to a year when you take proper care of them. 

Good for Styling

You can treat Remy hair extensions like your natural hair. Shampoo, condition and style to straighten, curl and blow dry. Use selected hair products and styling tools to make them look like yours and to enhance your overall look. 

But you cannot style synthetic hair extensions like you would Remy hair extensions. Because of the high temperatures, heat from styling tools, such as straighteners and curling irons, can damage or melt them. 

Any colouring of synthetic hair is out of the question as the hair is artificial, not real. Dyeing synthetic hair extensions can cause permanent damage. Huma hair extensions must only  be coloured by a professional and may void the warranty.

If you want more information on Remy hair extensions or want to find the best options for your next style, visit our shop.

Remy vs Synthetic Hair

Remy is the best type of human hair extension available because it provides the most lived in, realistic natural look.

This hair type is available in different textures, colours, and styles that can add volume to your hair. The cuticle is still intact, with no sign of artificiality, and the hair colour is carefully coloured for a long lasting and natural effect.

However, some people do not want to spend the money on Remy hair extensions. That is why they choose to settle on the synthetic choice, which with its limitations, will never  look as good as Remy hair.

Final Word

The highest quality human hair is used to create natural and realistic looking hair extensions. You can style and treat them just like your own hair and be confident that they will look good on you. 

On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions don't blend well with actual hair. They are not as durable or as wearable as Remy extensions. While synthetic hair is cheaper, you cannot use hot styling tools on them.

Even though realistic hair extensions are a higher investment than synthetic ones, they are worth it. 

Who doesn’t want realistic hair extensions?

Hair extensions made from human hair appear more realistic, add length, cover receding hair, and bring out many different looks. These extensions have become very popular in the past few years because they can change people's appearance. 

Hair extensions come in different varieties. They are either synthetic or natural.