4 Reasons You Should Buy Real Hair Extensions

You’ll never regret the decision to buy real hair extensions. Although synthetic hair extensions may be cheaper, believe us when we say the quality is no match for real human hair extensions!

You probably ask, "Why spend money on real hair extensions when I can pay less for synthetic options, right?" 

Why Is It Worth It to Buy Real Hair Extensions?

People buy hair extensions for many different reasons. Some want to enhance their look and achieve the hairstyle of their favourite celebrity. Add length, non-committal colour, or volume. Others want to fill in gaps or cover areas of thinning hair. Wearing hair extensions is the fastest and safest solution.

Whatever the reason is, hair extensions have the power to boost your self-confidence and transform your look in minutes. With Showpony, you can show up and stand out as your best self every day. 

We know, synthetic hair extensions can do the job, but you cannot be promised the quality or longevity. Sadly, when it comes to a premium product, synthetic is quite the same!

Ask any stylist, and they will agree that real human hair extensions are the secret to getting that red carpet look. Also, you will save more in the long run if you buy real human hair extensions and here is why.



As I said, there are times that synthetic hair extensions can be a good choice for a quick fix, but not if you’re looking to style your hair or wear them a lot. In other words, they might be ok for emergencies or those last minute ‘what do I wear’ moments for an upcoming occasion. 

Still, natural human hair extensions are an excellent investment to be prepared for these situations as they’re reusable. If cared for correctly, they will last throughout repeat wears, just like that favourite outfit in your robe, looking fabulous every single wear. 

Texture and Feel

Although synthetic hair may look natural at first glance, it cannot imitate the feel and texture of real human hair extensions. Hair extensions made from real human hair are soft and silky, and they feel natural to the touch when wearing them. 

It's also super easy to run your fingers through human hair extensions. You can easily comb the strands and remove any tangles. 

In comparison, synthetic hair extensions are coarse and wiry. They feel stiff when you touch them and unnatural when you wear them.


Real human hair extensions have natural shades because of the careful technology used to enhance their colours. Speak with your stylist to choose your colour to blend them with your natural hair flawlessly.

On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are likely to have a bland colour that looks artificial and overly shiny. This makes it extremely hard to correctly blend them with your natural hair.

Strength and Styling

Human hair extensions are strong enough to withstand different styling methods. Had a sudden change of mind about the texture of your natural hair extensions? Simply style them like you would your natural hair – add a few beachy waves or go sleek and straight with an iron. Hot styling tools are a great way to add some depth and texture to your new look. 

You cannot do the same with synthetic hair extensions; this will simply ruin them. Synthetic hair extensions melt at high temperatures and the styling you can do with them is very limited. 

Final Words

Yes. Synthetic hair extensions are cheap, and the high-quality kind may look natural at first glance. But they still can't hold a candle against the beauty and strength of real human hair extensions. 

With real human hair extensions, you can expect longevity and premium quality. Cut, style, and colour. You are the boss. Investing in real human hair extensions is worth it. 

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