SEO For Hair Salons: Getting To The Top Of Google


There’s no getting around it — you may have the best salon in your neighbourhood with plenty of happy regulars and an incredible team — but if you’re not nailing your salon’s SEO, you may find it difficult to attract new clients and keep year-on-year growth strong. 

SEO for salons is an essential cornerstone of your business’ success — it’s a service that customers search for according to their location, and the more visible you are in search engine results, the more clicks you generate and the more people you’ll see come through the door. 

In this article, we’ll break down the basics of salon SEO and what you need to do to get noticed by potential customers. 

Make it clear who you are and how to reach you

Once a user finds your website, you want them to know who you are and to be able to contact you easily. Including an About Us page can give them a great overview of what kind of salon you are — if you specialise in vibrant, vivid colour, beautiful hair extensions, or dry cutting for textured hair. You can also discuss your mission and style sensibility on this page. 

Make sure to add a Meet The Team page as well, where customers can browse through your team of stylists and what they specialise in. Including photographs and a sense of personality helps create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. 

Finally, ensure you have a dedicated Contact Us page that includes your phone number, address, link to an online booking system and all your social media channels.  

Show off your best work

Speaking of social media, embedding social media posts on your site will boost your salon’s SEO while helping you showcase some of your best work. This can be anything from carousels of a particular stylist’s work from Instagram, a TikTok or Reel of a great before and after, infographics about how you approach consultations or a fun peek into the inner workings of your salon. 

Additionally, try to include a Gallery on a separate page to showcase the range of services and results you offer at your salon, from natural-looking tape in hair extension transformations to buttery blonde looks, sultry brunettes, fashion cuts and curl girl textured cuts. 

Offer straightforward navigation 

Boundless creativity is great when it comes to working on someone’s hair, but to get good hair salon SEO results, you’ll need to follow a clear scaffold design for your website.

It may be tempting to create gorgeous images or even symbols corresponding to your salon’s services, but this isn’t very good for making it onto the top results of someone’s search. Google and other search engines crawl websites to rank them according to relevance, so you need to list the services you offer in plain text within your main navigation bar. 

Break down the services you offer

Create separate pages for each of the services available at your salon. Make sure to break down how long a service generally takes, what hair is best suited for it (for example, mini micro bead hair extensions being best suited to medium and thick hair density), how you’ll achieve different looks on different hair types (for example, highlights on dark hair requiring bleach) and how often you recommend going in between services in order to maintain the look.  

Get your internal linking in order

Once you’ve made these service pages informative and helpful, ensure they’re easy to navigate by linking each page back to the Services tab in your main navigation bar. 

Ensure each service has a detailed page that it links to, and they link to one another so the users can land on your other pages as well. 

Always encourage action

Make sure your hard work explaining different services and collating galleries of your work pays off by always including a strong call to action (CTA) at some point on every page of your site. This may look like an appealing button to ‘Book X service now’ at the bottom of a service page; it may be hyperlinked text throughout the body of a page or a ‘Call us now’ CTA placed strategically at the midpoint of a longer page of text. 

Let your results speak for you

Reinforce the strengths of your salon and make it clear that you’re a trusted local brand by including client testimonials throughout the site. Consider having a specific review that makes sense with the rest of the on-page content. On your Home page, you may want to include several great testimonials in a carousel or sprinkled throughout other content, bolstering your reputation and hair salon SEO credentials.

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