Supply Meets Demand - How Many Employees Does a Hair Salon Need?


How many employees does a hair salon need? The size of your salon, customer volume and the services you offer are significant factors that influence your staffing needs. A larger salon with an extensive range of services will naturally require more hands-on deck, while a smaller boutique salon may only need one or two hair stylists. 

Assessing your salon's unique offerings will help you identify key roles and responsibilities, ensuring smooth operations and top-notch customer service. Let’s dive into some types of employees you may need to help make your salon successful!

Customer Service

Every salon needs someone to welcome customers and manage appointments. This staff member is often clients' first point of contact, setting the tone for their entire salon experience. From handling appointments and managing schedules to handling client inquiries and maintaining client records, their attention to detail and organisational skills are invaluable.

As your salon expands and attracts more clients, the demand for behind-the-scenes tasks also increases. Hiring an additional staff member to help reply to emails and manage digital communications becomes valuable to maintain efficient operations. This dedicated team member can assist with customer inquiries, appointment confirmations and general email correspondence.

Hair Stylists

Your talented hair stylists are the backbone of your salon, creating transformative looks that leave clients feeling their absolute best. Understanding client demand is the first step in determining the optimal number of hair stylists required. Analysing appointment schedules, peak hours and the average time to complete different services provides important insights into the workload and helps you make informed staffing decisions. Balancing a mix of full-time and part-time stylists allows you to manage salon operations efficiently.


A specialist in hair colour can offer a wide range of services, from classic highlights and balayage to vibrant fashion colours and creative colour corrections. By hiring a colourist, you elevate the level of expertise in your salon and attract clients seeking professional and expert colour services. Additionally, having a dedicated colourist allows your other stylists to focus on their core strengths, creating a dynamic and cohesive team that can deliver a full spectrum of hair services.


Behind every great stylist, there's often a brilliant support team. As the stylist focuses on perfecting one client's look, the assistant takes charge of shampooing clients' hair, offering a relaxing and enjoyable shampooing experience. Additionally, they handle various general tasks, such as folding towels and tidying up the salon space. Often, these assistants are recent cosmetology graduates eager to gain industry experience. 


Estheticians are masters of skincare, possessing in-depth knowledge of facial treatments, hair removal techniques and rejuvenating therapies. By having estheticians on your team, you can offer a wide range of luxurious facials that cater to different skin types and concerns. From hydrating and anti-aging facials to acne treatments and exfoliating peels, your salon can provide tailored solutions that leave clients with radiant and glowing skin.

Professional waxing services are another specialty of estheticians, ensuring smooth and long-lasting results for hair removal. Whether it's eyebrow shaping, leg waxing or Brazilian waxing, clients should be able to trust the precision and expertise of your estheticians to achieve flawless and comfortable results.

Makeup Artists

Makeup artists are true artists in their own right, transforming clients with expertly applied makeup that enhances natural beauty and creates stunning looks for special occasions. Having a makeup artist on board lets you offer makeup services for weddings, events and photo shoots, turning your salon into a sought-after destination for glamorous makeovers.

Nail Technicians

Nail technicians care for one of the most cherished parts of beauty — nails. With their skilled hands and creativity, they elevate nail services to an art form. From classic manicures and pedicures to elaborate nail art designs, manicurists add flair and precision to your salon, catering to clients who seek immaculate and trendy nail treatments.

Massage Therapist

Adding massage therapy to your salon's menu of services offers clients a comprehensive wellness experience. With the ability to indulge in a relaxing massage after their hair or beauty treatments, clients are more likely to spend additional time at your salon, leading to increased revenue opportunities. They’re sure to unwind and de-stress during their visit, leaving them with a sense of relaxation and satisfaction beyond their regular salon appointments.

Salon Managers 

Efficient salon management requires capable salon managers and administrative staff who oversee daily operations and ensure seamless coordination between different departments. With extensive experience and expert knowledge, salon managers strategise and implement policies that optimise productivity and enhance the client experience. Moreover, salon managers act as a bridge between the staff and the salon's ownership, communicating vital feedback and ensuring that the salon's goals align with its daily operations.

Each salon is unique, and finding the perfect balance of skilled professionals is critical to running a thriving salon. Assistants play an essential supporting role, while specialised professionals like makeup artists, nail technicians and massage therapists elevate the salon's offerings. From front desk staff providing excellent customer service to talented hair stylists, colourists and estheticians creating transformative looks, every role contributes to your salon's success.

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