Showpony Hair Extensions Global Expansion Continues

At the forefront of hair trends and fashion, Showpony is changing the way the industry views hair extensions and is now making its mark internationally. 

Showpony Founder Stephanie Mason and Master Extensionist Jake Williams are taking the UK and Europe by storm.

The pair are delivering hair extension training and support to distributors and salons across UK, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Belgium with more countries to launch in 2022.

The recent launch of Showpony Italia sparked the beginning of big plans for the brand over the coming months.

Take a look behind the scenes of the Showpony Italy launch here.

After being granted an exemption to leave Australia, Stephanie says that she is incredibly grateful to able to travel again and be amongst other industry professionals for the first time in nearly 2 years.

“It’s been months of planning and preparation, but we’re so excited to be out in the marketplace once again sharing the outstanding quality of Showpony hair extensions with the world,” said Stephanie.

While some may be hesitant to step off the shores of Australia amid COVID, Stephanie says it’s been smooth sailing.

“Once you’re over here, international travel really isn’t as scary as it sounds.

“There are COVID rules and regulations in each country we visit, which up until now has included getting a COVID test every 48 hours due to the number of countries we are visiting in a short period of time.

“With our Australian COVID Vaccination Certificate now approved, 8 countries and 8 weeks later, travel is starting to feel like normal again.

“Everyone is celebrating life going back to normal again, getting dressed up and heading out with friends and family, it’s really good to see!”

For many years, Jake Williams has been building a successful clientele in salon whilst working with Showpony as a freelance Educator.

Jake is now presenting his expert knowledge of hair extensions and exemplary application, cutting and styling techniques to audiences of stylists, at launch events, and brand collaborations.

“With a premium range of products to suit a variety of hair types, we encourage salons to think beyond just adding length, but to use extensions to add volume, fill in gaps and to add non-committal colour in as little as 15 minutes,” said Jake.

“Through our travels so far, we’ve seen a keen interest in creating natural, beautiful looks for their clients using the power of partials to create non-committal highlights and colour.

“It's clear to see that hair extensions are going through a massive growth phase, and we work closely with our salon partners to make hair extensions a success for their businesses too.”

Showpony offers an innovative and elevated in-salon service, with premium products and a six-step quality assurance program to ensure salon clients are receiving the best possible results every time.

“We are proud to be the first hair extensions brand to use a universal colour coding system to streamline client colour matching services, said Stephanie.

“This has been a huge push while visiting different parts of the world, as it makes choosing the right products for any client a breeze no matter what country you’re in.”

Showpony is also the first sustainably packaged hair extensions brand globally seeing an 80% reduction in total plastics used on hair extensions products in Australia and it features 100% recycled plastic within its hair care range.

Stephanie explained, “I am extremely conscious of climate change and how as a business we can be doing more to reduce our effect on the environment. My team and I have spent countless hours brainstorming how we can reduce our footprint both in the office and in our product offering.”

With a classically beautiful pastel colour palette, Showpony can stand centre stage in any salon and bring clients an unforgettable unboxing experience with gorgeous eco-friendly boxsets.

Delivering outstanding quality and an innovative range of products, Showpony is the professional’s choice in hair extensions, creating endless opportunities to help women around the world look and feel beautiful.

Visit to shop the collection online or to become an authorised Showpony stockist. 


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As an Australian-born hair fashion and beauty brand, Showpony is focused on empowering women to look and feel beautiful with hair extensions that transform.