How to Blend Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions With Short Hair

Celebrities change their hair at the drop of a hat, and hair extensions are their biggest secret to transform their look. They inspire us to enhance our look and to feel confident in doing so. 

When you look at your short hair, you wonder if that set of blonde clip in hair extensions is enough to do the trick. You may also be wondering, how are you going to blend these hair extensions with your natural hair to make them look like they are yours?

Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions Application

To blend the blonde clip ins into your natural hair, you will need to learn how to apply them correctly. Here is what you should do. 

Get It Right

Finding the right colour and tone that matches your locks is important.. Even if these hair extensions can hide the actual length of your hair, they may not cover all your hair. That’s why you need to pick the right blonde tone that matches your hair. 

You may need to buy a second set of clip in hair extensions in another complimentary colour to work with the blonde clip in hair extensions you have. This will ensure you have enough hair to blend with your short locks. 

Check out our YouTube channel for a tutorial on how to correctly apply our 7-piece clip in set. 

Prepare Your Hair

Before the application:

  1. Prepare your hair, freshly shampooed and conditioned.
  2. Section and clip the upper area of your hair away, to expose the lower (half up, half down).
  3. Begin to clip in the hair extensions, starting at the bottom.
  4. Move up the head and sides to apply all 7 pieces.
  5. If you have 2 colours, you can alternate them to create highlights or a balayage look. 

Pro Tip

Backcombing the hair and applying styling dust helps keep the clip in place. The nape hair can be twisted or braided for a cleaner look and to fix the first row.

Clip the Hair Extensions In

When you start applying your clip ins, alternate colours for a more natural effect. Work your way from the bottom to the top. As you reach the widest part of your head, around the same level as your eyebrows, apply the clip ins alongside each other.

Use the 3 large clip in pieces to cover most of the back of your head. After that, continue clipping and alternating the hair extensions until you reach the top.

If you notice that the clip ins sit higher than usual, it is normal. Your main goal is to cover your short hair and make your hair extensions appear as your natural hair. The clip ins should sit higher to achieve this goal. 

Style Your New Hair

Add texture to your hair extensions by styling them – add a few curls to create a new look! You can style your hair extensions before clipping them into your hair for easy application. 

Clip ins are among the easiest and most practical hair extensions to apply. You won’t need a professional stylist either!

They are the easiest because you can apply and remove them in a few minutes.

They are the most practical because they are the safest and fastest solution for most hair types, even short hair!

Perfect for non-committal hair changes, just make sure you pick the right colour or a few colours to blend with your hair. Not sure which colour to pick? Contact us at for a free colour match consultation. 

Be like the celebrities, change your look with the click of a clip!

If you are looking for dark, blonde, or any colour clip ins, we’ve got you covered for high-quality hair extensions. Visit our online store to shop our range of premium hair extensions to best suit your hair.