Complete 101 Guide: Tape Hair Extensions

For that “it’s your natural hair, but better” look, you can’t go past permanent hair extensions. If you want to take the time and effort out of daily clip ins (although we do love them), now you can wake up with beautiful hair every day.

Showpony offer a range of permanent hair extensions to suit a variety of hair types, hair goals and lifestyles. Now let’s discuss permanent hair extensions and how to maintain them.

What Are Permanent Hair Extensions?

These hair extensions are designed to be worn for an extended period of time. With regular maintenance every 4-6 weeks, the hair can last in good condition for up to a year or more! As a result, they should only be applied and removed by a professional hairstylist. No matter what method you opt for, these hair extensions are semi-permanently applied to your natural hair at the roots close to your scalp.

The key to perfect hair extensions is to create natural-looking, flawless, undetectable blends. However, we can’t stress this enough; how you effectively maintain your hair extensions is the key to a longer, healthier lifespan and look.


Skin Weft Tape Hair Extensions

Showpony Skin Weft Tape Collection is the most discreet form of tape hair extensions on the market. These are our most natural-looking method and are extra gentle on your natural hair. We recommend this method for those with fine hair, or if you’re wanting to add thickness and fill in gaps in hard to grow areas.

The top of the skin weft creates the illusion of hair growing out of your scalp — the super-slim tapes blend seamlessly into even very thin hair, laying flush against the scalp and falling just like natural hair growth. This results in a more comfortable and discreet finish, every time. The best part? Application can be as simple as a 30-minute salon service!

Tape Hair Extensions

Suitable for both fine and thick hair, Showpony Tape Hair Extensions work perfectly for both partial and full applications. With an undetectable and totally natural finish, tape hair extensions are perfect for anyone wanting instantly longer hair or extra volume for everyday wear or special occasions.

Available in 14-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch in a range of natural colours that blend seamlessly into natural hair, if you want extra fullness and length in an instant, it’s a no-brainer really.

Tape hair extensions can also help to create non-committal colour and highlights, without the bleach and chemicals. These reusable hair extensions are a great option for the indecisive and allow you to change your hair on a whim!


Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Showpony Mini Micro Bead Hair Extensions are some of the most popular ways of installing hair extensions. Attached using an adhesive-free application, a strand of hair extension and natural hair is threaded through the tiny bead and gently clamped together against the silicone inner lining to secure gently.

Mini Micro Bead hair extensions are best suited to those with medium to thick hair and give a thick and full look from the roots right to the ends. Your dreams of fairytale perfect hair can become a permanent transformation in just moments with these gorgeous hair extensions!

Because it uses a strand-by-strand technique, this might take a while to install and must be done by a professional stylist. The most excellent part is that your hair extensions will be fluid, allowing free movement and the ability to wear your hair up with ease.


With the choice to install using micro beads or a safe sew-in, Showpony Weft Hair Extensions offer a stunning solution for anyone wanting to give their hair a Hollywood makeover. Crafted from the highest quality human hair, our thick double density weft hair looks full and glamourous from root to tip — giving you both the volume and length of your dreams.

Because of the luxurious length and weight of our weft hair extensions, they are perfect for bespoke designs, special occasion updos as well as photoshoots and other professional contexts. Whether you want to provide instant length or create bold, commitment-free colour, you’ll love our seamless weft hair extensions from Showpony for their versatility and superior quality — are suitable for medium and thick hair of any texture. 

How To Take Care Of Your Permanent Hair Extensions:

  1. Brushing: On a daily basis, we recommend brushing your hair 1-2 times using a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush. Use one hand to hold the hair and the other to brush to avoid putting undue tension on your roots of your natural hair and hair extensions.

  2. MoisturisingIt's essential to keep your hair hydrated and silky smooth! We recommend using an oil-free leave in moisturiser or anti-frizz product, especially on the tips of your hair. These products will protect your hair from breakage and split ends when used regularly.

  3. StylingWhen using a hairdryer, straightening iron, or curling wand to style your hair, be careful not to go above 180 degrees on the settings. Try to avoid applying heat to the adhesives as this may cause them to loosen. To prevent your hair from heat damage, always apply a heat protection spray beforehand.

  4. WashingAlways prepare your hair extensions before you wash them. First, carefully brush your fingers through your hair to untangle any little knots. Then, using a soft brush, gently brush your hair. We recommend washing your hair once or twice a week if you have 50cm long or longer hair.

    Use Hair Extension Maintenance Shampoo to gently cleanse the scalp and ends, then rinse well. Next, apply Strength & Shine Conditioner and focus on moisturising the ends, leave in for 2-3 minutes, and rinse well.

    Using a towel, gently pat your hair dry without rubbing it. Apply an oil-free conditioning spray or serum to finish. Your hair and extensions will now have a healthy shine, beautiful bounce, and brushing will be a breeze.

Visit Showpony and check out a wide range of permanent hair extensions suited for you. Once you decide what type of permanent hair extensions fit your style, follow the tips above to keep your hair extension looking salon-fresh!