Complete 101 Guide: 3in1 Hair Extension

Are you wishing for longer and thicker hair? Struggling to grow your hair past your current length or in certain areas? Great news – now you don’t need to wait months or years to grow those locks! This article will talk about how to use the Showpony 3in1 hair extension, a best seller that’s rapidly gaining popularity in today’s market.

The 3in1 can be used in three ways – a clip in, halo elastic or a ponytail. Read on as we delve into the many reasons why you’ll love this hair piece when using the halo elastic option.

When compared to other forms of hair extensions, halo hair extensions are quickly taking the lead. Halo hair extensions are easy and effective to use, which is great for people who are hesitant to get permanent hair extensions. 

They are worn without the use of clips, tapes, glues, or beads. Halo hair extensions aren't even connected to the hair in the traditional sense, so if you've been afraid to try hair extensions, halo hair extensions may be the answer to curing that big hair envy!

Check out this video to see how easy the 3in1 is to apply before a night out.

What is the 3in1 hair extension, and why do you need one?

The 3in1 hair extension can be the answer to many of your hair concerns. Whether you have short or thinning hair, or you just want to transform your everyday look, feel the confidence that comes with Showpony hair.

As the 3in1 hair extension is a new method in the market, you may not have heard much about it. One of the main advantages of this hair extension piece is that it's so quick and easy to apply. You also don't have to purchase multiple pieces, everything you need is in the one versatile item!

3in1 halo hair extension includes an elastic sting that you can simply place around your head like a crown. Yes, queen, it's that simple! As a result, you will be getting thicker, longer and healthier-looking hair. 

How to use your 3in1 Hair Extension as a halo

Application of the 3in1 only takes a couple of minutes, making your every morning glow up a breeze. It’s also perfect for special occasions, when you want to go a little extra on your hair style and simply remove afterwards to go back to your natural locks.    

Step 1: Brush your hair (both your natural hair and your hair extensions with a loop brush, wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush. Section your hair in a circular shape around the crown of your head, holding in place with a sectioning clip

Allow a few strands of hair to fall freely around your face, this will help with blending and hiding the elastic for a discreet and natural look.

Step 2: Ensure the halo elastic is the right size for your head. Choose from three sizes when attaching the elastic to the hair piece. The elastic also has a bit of stretch, to ensure comfort and security.

Step 3: Put your 3in1 halo hair extensions around the crown of your head, in between the free flowing and sectioned off hair, slightly above your ears. Make sure the elastic is firm around your head, not too loose too tight. Give your head a slight shake if you're not sure – the elastic should be secure and remain in place.

Step 4: If needed, you can use bobby pins to secure your halo elastic in place a few centimetres above your ear. Then let your natural hair down. Brush everything into place with a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush, just be gentle while combing through your hair to avoid snagging the halo elastic or moving it out of place.  

Now it's time to style your newly fitted 3in1 hair extension however you want! Check out all 22 gorgeous colours, including trending ombres, online now.