The Serious Stuff


How many packets of Tape make an average full head of Hair Extensions
4 packets. Please note: you may need more for thicker hair clients- always order more than less to ensure you are covered. 8 packets is the maximum that we recommend to put in per client. 

What lengths and colours do they come in? 

  • Tape = 24” (12 different colours AND 18 – Golden Blonde is available in 24”, also not available in the BRIGHT PURPLE, RED, RED BERRY, RUSTY COPPER)
  • Tape = 20” (20 colours- permanent colour wheel) 
  • Tape = 14” (10 natural colours, not inc. colours 16, 33 and 18- permanent colour wheel. Not available in the BRIGHT PURPLE, RED, RED BERRY, RUSTY COPPER)
  • Skin Weft = 20” (10 natural colours, not inc. colours 16, 33 and 18- permanent colour wheel, Not available in the BRIGHT PURPLE, RED, RED BERRY, RUSTY COPPER)
  • 2, 3, & 4 Clip = 18” (11 colours- clip in colour wheel)
  • 7 piece = 18” & 20” (11 colours- clip in colour wheel)
  • 3 Layer = 18” (11 colours- clip in colour wheel) 
  • Stick Tips = 20” (10 natural colours, not inc. colours 16, 33 and 18- permanent colour wheel. Not available in the BRIGHT PURPLE, RED, RED BERRY, RUSTY COPPER
  • 1 Metre Weft = 20” (11 natural colours - Clip in Colour Wheel)

How often do you need to move up the Tape hair Extensions
Every 6 weeks. This is the safest amount of time to ensure safe hair extension wear 

Why is the Tape 4cm wide
We have specially designed the tape based on weight and the amount of hair you take for the section to ensure the safest application based on the weight distributed across the section of the hair. 

What products not to use?
Please refer to Showpony Do’s and Don’ts 

What is the tape made of?
It is hypoallergenic, secret ingredients. Specially formulated by Showpony and made in Sweden. 

How do you remove the tape?
Spray the remover into the centre of the tape, place the tail comb in the centre (between tape) and pull toward you. Remember to remove the backing. Always peel from the centre never the sides. Please note: if you have any residue, this happens when heat tools are applied. To remove use Showpony Residue Remover and comb out. Deep cleanse at least 2- 3 times before re applying the hair extensions to ensure all of the residue remover is removed. If you are having difficulty with this apply heat from a hair dryer & deep cleanse again. 

Can you colour the Extensions?
We do not recommend or guarantee colouring, however if they do, you can only dye from Lighter to Darker NOT Darker to Lighter. You can use toner as well. Do NOT bleach. The extensions are very porous, so we advise that you do a spot test first, as the colour will vary from batch to batch. Use no more than 3% developer. Please note you will be doing this at your own risk. 

How do you curl the Synthetic Hair?
You can use small hot rollers, wait until they have cooled down, and then remove 

How many pieces of tape strips in a packet?
60 pieces – 1.5 heads (6 sheets) 

What is the Skin Weft/ Shrinkie Remover Made Of?

Can you perm the hair?
We do not recommend or guarantee it, as the Extensions have undergone a chemical process. 

How long after the Extensions have been placed can you wash the hair?
Shampoo / Conditioner are to be used 48-72 hours AFTER the extensions have been in. 

What Shampoo or Conditioner do you recommend? 
Showpony Hair Extension Care range, when you cannot use this a high quality shampoo or conditioner is recommended. A moisturising/smoothing one is best to use. No Shampoo’s or Conditioners with Moroccan Oil are to be used around root area. 

Can you use Keratin on the extensions? 
No, due to the extensions already undergone an intense chemical process, you cannot use keratin on the hair extensions. We do not recommend a keratin treatment prior to the hair extension being placed as this can tend to make the tape slip 

What products shouldn’t I use on the Hair Extensions? 
Anything that contains oil or protein, as this can tend to make the tape slip. Purple Shampoo and colour, can also tend to make the tape slip, due to the high protein. 

What does it mean if the tape becomes gluggy?
High heat is usually the cause of this – Hot Showers, Hair Dryers & Straighteners. If this happens, you can use Showpony residue remover. 

What is the residue remover made from? 
Tea tree Oil and Alternifolia - (The bark of a native Australian Tree) 

What Hair of blend is the Human Hair Made From? It is a blend of 20% European and 80% Indian, Indian for strength, European for the softness 

What does Remy A+ mean?
Remy A means all the cuticles are aligned, so all the hair has been placed in the same direction. This means that you are always brushing in the direction of the cuticle. You are brushing the hair down not up. Therefore the hair is less likely to get tangled or matted. 

What does A+ mean? 
Highest quality of Remy Hair. 

What Chemical process do the Extensions undergo?
The extensions are stripped back to leave a blank colour (light/bleached) then coloured with clothing dye, so that ensures that the colour does not run. 

What beads do I use for the Micro Ring (Stick Tip Extensions)?
Use for 1gram per strand any of the following - 5mm + 6mm Micro Beads, 6mm Copper, 3.5mm Euro Locks or Shrinkies

What does the Moroccan Oil do?
It is a restorative treatment for damaged hair and skin. It helps maintains hair extensions also, giving shine and moisture to the hair. It does not contain red colourings – this means it will not discolour the lighter hair extension tones. 

How Wide is the tape, in the Skin Weft/Tape Hair Extensions?
4cm wide. 

How many grams of hair is in 1 packet of Micro Bead Extensions?
here is 1gram per strand, therefore 25grams per packet = (1/4 head) 

How many grams in 1 packet of tape hair extensions?
There is 2.5grams per strand, therefore 25grams per packet = (1/4 head) 

Tape Hair Placement

  • Place the hair 3- 6 cm from the base hair line 
  • 2cm from the hair line
  • 2 cm down from the occipital bone
  • Working on 3 rows on the back of the head, making sure to brick your section up leaving no gaps in between the hair extensions but not overlapping) 
  • Sides, Place in line with top of eyebrow and second row above if required. 
  • Please refer to skin weft and tape diagram 
  • Fill in spacing when required
    (remember every head shape is different so more or less may be applied)

Re- taping instructions
First re- tape- no tape to be removed. New tape to be applied over first tape. Second re- tape, re- tape to be removed and thrown away and new tape applied 

How to remember where to re place the hair extensions when removing the hair extensions and refitting to avoid placing the pre-cut hair extensions in the incorrect area?
You can either use a foam mannequin head (available at Showpony) and pin each piece to the head where you have removed. Or Using Clips Mark 6 x clips with permanent marker, labelling each section with the number of the section. Take the tape hair out and put in the clip that reference to the section you removed the hair from. E.g. Row 1, Row 2, Row 3 left side Row 1, left side row 2, Right side Row 1, Right side row 2. 

What is the Shampoo & Conditioner scent like? 
The Shampoo & Conditioner fragrance is a combination of nectarine and fuji apple 

What is the luminous mist scent like? 
The Luminous Mist’s fragrance is fruit punch 

Do you supply Education? 
Yes 2hr training is available for $250, 4hr training is available for $400 and 6hr training is available for $600 

Creative trainings are available throughout the year. 

Free start up deal education packages are also availabl