Processing Showpony Hair Extensions

Going behind the scenes and uncovering our hair extension manufacturing process 

Processing hair for extensions is a complex operation, and the techniques used to source human hair ultimately determine its final grade and quality. When Showpony processes human hair for extensions, we avoid creating products from hair gathered from the floor as they create low-grade extensions that are dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

Hair sourced from the floor results in damaged hair cuticles, which must be chemically removed to smoothen and strengthen the strands. Although this makes the hair extensions appear glossy, this process also strips the hair of the entire outer layer, degrading the quality of the extensions over time.

Origins of the Showpony’s hair extension process 

Showpony’s hair extension manufacturing process revolves around keeping the cuticle in pristine condition. We source human hair cut in ponytails, which leaves the cuticle intact. This leaves the cuticle intact, resulting in hair extensions that are strong, glossy and long-lasting. Our special chemical process involves the hair being gently lightened and then coloured to our exact specifications. This process, unique to Showpony, ensures the soft-to-the-touch hair retains its rich and tonal colour shades while remaining silky, luscious and fade-resistant. 

Showpony Hair Extensions are available in 14”, 20”, 24” and 26” lengths and a variety of block, blended and ombre shades that are all fade-resistant.

At Showpony, we use ‘Single-Drawn’ and ‘Double-Drawn’ techniques when processing human hair for extensions. The Single-Drawn method involves a combing technique that removes shorter hairs from the hair extension drop while maintaining a natural taper on the ends, emulating the organic flow of normal hair. The resulting taper allows for a more realistic weight line that looks natural and is aesthetically pleasing. This technique is used when creating Showpony tape, skin weft tape, clip ins, and the 3in1 hair extensions. The hair extension manufacturing process also decreases the time required to create natural hair while promising softer colour blends when mixing multiple shades on one head.

The Double-Drawn method involves a repeated combing technique that removes all shorter strands of hair. This creates a fuller look, providing thickness in the hair from the roots to the ends. This technique is used when creating Showpony hair extensions with a higher density and weight, such as the weft and mini micro bead hair extensions. 

Discover premium, ethically sourced hair extensions and partner with Showpony

At Showpony, we take pride in being the best wholesale hair extension supplier in Australia, offering premium, ethically-sourced hair extensions at highly competitive prices. Our overarching mission is to partner with eco-friendly salons to make an ethical difference in business practices. 

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