Australia’s leading supplier of premium hair extensions

Showpony Professional is an Australian company specialising in new hair extension technologies, care products and accessories. With a commitment to improving the standard of application and styling, we are increasing confidence within salons and consumers.

Showpony’s mission is to supply real human and synthetic hair extensions that are renowned for superior product quality, with a focus on product education and excellent customer service.

With the support of key brand ambassadors, highly respected salon clients, and alignment with high-profile industry and fashion events, Showpony has successfully positioned itself as a leading hair extension supplier, recognised nationally and internationally for its outstanding quality and range of products.

We offer a diverse range of real human hair and heat resistant synthetic hair extensions, including Clip In Extensions, Tape, Stick Tip, Micro Bead Weft, Sew in Weft, Skin Weft and a care range designed specifically for hair extensions.

Our success as Australia’s most recognised hair extensions supplier is based on our belief that hair extensions should be undetectable, natural and safe. With safe product application at the core of our education ethos, our salons and stylists are educated on how best to use our products. This has allowed Showpony to develop a reputation as an industry leader and actively change the perception of hair extensions and their application and maintenance.

We are highly committed to educating salons and stylists on how best to use Showpony Professional products, ensuring consumers always walk away with a look they love. From perfectly bouncy waves, to a high, messy ponytail, our hair extensions can be seamlessly blended to re-create the season’s hottest trends.

As the fusion of hair and fashion has become more prevalent, we’ve recognised that extensions are not only about volume and length. They have become a fabulous fashion accessory a product to create highlights, fill in gaps, indulge in a non-committal fringe or colour, fix a bad cut or inject your ponytail up-style with instant volume.

Through Showpony’s innovative approach we strive to become Australia’s most recognisable brand both domestically and internationally. For more information on the Showpony Professional’s range of wholesale hair extensions, please visit our online catalogue.